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11th Dec 2003, 21:12
Two planes above Northern Ireland seemed to have a near miss today. Difficult to say from pic I've seen how close they were, but looked as though both were well above 20,000 feet.

eastern wiseguy
11th Dec 2003, 22:33
Are you saying you saw this from the ground? Where? when? and how in heavens name would you as a groundbound observer EVER know what the seperation between them was? Sounds like a lot of scaremongering tosh ......bet this nonsense ends up in the local rag!!!:yuk: :yuk: :yuk:

LGW Vulture
11th Dec 2003, 22:36
Shouldn't you be at school?

11th Dec 2003, 23:05
Look at profile, journalist, says it all! if I based my observations on that! there would be dozens a day over the UK. It is almost impossible to judge distance of two targets at that distance due
1. Distance (try standing on the beach and watching two ships cross at about 4-5 miles distance, quite often the ship you though was the furthest away actually passes in front of the other
2. different size of aircraft

Total tosh

Golf India Bravo

11th Dec 2003, 23:18
I'm gonna stick my oar in before either Mono deletes this post, or a Mod does it for him.

Do you really not see anything wrong with what you have posted? Or are you just simply trying "to elicit certain reactions"?

I'll chalk another point in the "For" box of my "why just about all journos have no clue about aviation".

Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

11th Dec 2003, 23:45
I saw two aircraft at White Waltham the other day which were literally only two feet apart.

Mind you, they were both tied down at the time.

11th Dec 2003, 23:50
"Federal aviation officials revealed Wednesday(10/12) two aircraft on approach to Chicago's O'Hare International Airport this week nearly struck each other.

The Federal Aviation Administration said a Mexicana aircraft and a United Airlines plane were on a collision course Tuesday night when the United pilot was alerted to the danger by an onboard collision-avoidance system. The United plane descended abruptly to avoid the other aircraft. No injuries were reported aboard either plane.

FAA spokesman Tony Molinaro said the 6:45 p.m. incident is being investigated as possible pilot error by the Mexicana pilot flying an Airbus A319.

Molinaro said an air-traffic controller told the Mexicana pilot to turn left. The plane, instead, turned right and flew into the path of the United aircraft.

He said the planes were 1 mile apart and closing when the United pilot took evasive action. A minimum 3-mile horizontal spacing is required between planes on final approach to O'Hare."

12th Dec 2003, 01:15
Wow. Thanks for that bit of news but I think this is a none event. Quite likely happens a few times a day all over the planet.

12th Dec 2003, 01:33
Festus you have obviously never been on a head too head with another aircraft at the same level closing speed 700 MPH same level when the TCAS screams at you. I have its not something that happens every day I have been flying over 20 years and its the first time for me, it happened a few years ago and when the CAA made up the model on the computer from the tapes it made it all seem something then too all too frightening. So I would suggest its not something that happens a few times a day.

Edited cos I cant multiply x2 when trying to do other things and talk to people

12th Dec 2003, 06:05
What does Chicago's Ohare, Air mexican jumping beans, United and a Scarebus 319 have to do with Northern Ireland - unless he not only saw a near mid air collision at 20000' and several thousand miles away.

12th Dec 2003, 08:00
Maybe he was watching on one of the live snoop cams!!!

Great source of fodder for an itinerant observer.

Short Approach?
12th Dec 2003, 16:05
Festus you have obviously never been on a head too head with another aircraft at the same level closing speed 1500 MPH same level when the TCAS screams at you.

Damn that's one hell of a final speed if you ask me :-)

12th Dec 2003, 19:11
didn't it occur one plane could be flying over the top of one? with one being a FL30 and one being at FL40 (as an example)

Just like the boat example was given. I could also give 2 cars on an A class road example too if you want? :O

12th Dec 2003, 19:40
Is anyone else concerned that there are pilots up there who cannot tell their left from their right? I have been able to do this since I was five, and yet I cannot do many of the other things pilots are required to do - fuel management, diversion planning etc.

Maybe someone could suggest painting "L" and "R" on the relevant hands.

12th Dec 2003, 20:43
Here we go again! Tarring us all with the same old boring brush.

1) I am a journalist (print and radio)

2) I am a qualified Private Pilot

I do my utmost to keep stupid aviation related stories OUT of our news broadcasts/papers etc UNTIL I have had time to confirm the facts behind them rather than picking up on a sh*t story and trying to make it sound sexy!

I know of at least 12 mainstream journalists (ie national newspapers/radio/tv) who also fly aircraft as a hobby. Please stop generalising whenever some work experience kn*b from a local rag slides into these forums trying to work you all up into a frenzy. It appears to work!!


eastern wiseguy
12th Dec 2003, 22:46
Squawk....I often wonder if reading some of the sensationalist claptrap regarding aviation which gets into newspapers(or other media) what else is equally poorly researched and sensationalised? Momos' post was just plain silly......if he has "pictures" POST THEM.

Tower Ranger
12th Dec 2003, 22:55
Eastern I`m in total agreement with you surely Momo`s post must be in the running for some sort of special award for vagueness and futility !!!! Maybe juet an application for a job with the Sunday World ??

13th Dec 2003, 18:50
hey momo
you figured out a near-miss from a PICTURE of two planes that were "...well above 20,000ft..."??
wow. wish i had your eyes, man. or at least your imagination. :rolleyes: