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Flying Lawyer
10th Dec 2003, 15:33
This video was played at BA's party at LHR after the last scheduled flight by Concorde. It starts with footage of Concorde's maiden flight at Toulouse, complete with commentary by Raymond Baxter, and traces the history of the finest passenger aircraft ever built whilst in service with BA.

BA Concorde video (ftp://nac:[email protected]/HangarVideo.mpg)

Files of this size take several minutes to download***, even on broadband, and are usually best saved to hard disk before playing - Right-click on the link and 'Save'.
I assume the copyright is owned by BA, so you should delete the file after you've played it.

Tudor Owen


*** About 20 minutes, but that was before I posted the link on Pprune.

Engine overtemp
10th Dec 2003, 22:03
Files of this size take several minutes to download, even on broadband

78.3mb, even with broadband this will take hours to download! (About 5 hours at normal broadband speeds)


10th Dec 2003, 23:07
Five hours. :eek:
Doesn't seem as if your broadband is very broad. :confused:
I saved the file in under 20 minutes and I've got a basic home use service, not a supersonic business connection.

A friend who uses dial-up simply left it to download when he wasn't using his computer and now, for a few pounds, has a superb video he can play whenever he wants and keep as a souvenir of the finest passenger aircraft ever built. Good value for money.

11th Dec 2003, 00:01
Another place to download (http://www.pholmes999.plus.com/031024-1800-HangarVideo.mpg) download from, with much more bandwidth.

vintage ATCO
11th Dec 2003, 00:40
In about 10 min on 1MB broadband :D:D:D

Engine overtemp
11th Dec 2003, 01:41
Must have downloaded it at rush hour!

Flying Lawyers link now claims about 1 hour to download but Paulos fine link only takes 20mins (512kb, I.m too tight to pay for more). Good video though!

11th Dec 2003, 03:33
I downloaded on broadband in 1 hour 21 minutes. But that is because one of the servers gave up a 1/3 of the way through. I was originally running at 47 kbps then it dropped to 13 kbps +/- 8.

The quality in the latter half is terrific. A good video.

Flying Lawyer
11th Dec 2003, 04:46
Just realised I downloaded before posting the link on Pprune - that may explain the <20 minutes download time. :D

11th Dec 2003, 05:49
Yes Fl - suspect you caused a rush hour !!

But thanks anyway - great video (I nearly shed a tear there !!!)

11th Dec 2003, 06:48
Took me about 15 mins late at night on a 512 connection.

Absolutely marvellous video. Really made me well up inside.

What have we lost? I suspect we'll know in ten years time when it'll really hit us.

Damn those accountants!

11th Dec 2003, 08:21
I think its damn airbus - and i quote BA here - who regrettably informed everyone that Airbus were no longer willing to support the aircraft in any future maintenance programme. :(

Amazing plane-and perhaps we are only just realizing that in itself.

11th Dec 2003, 08:36
"Discussion about crimes against old people, and sentences on the ....who do them? If it was you, Kilroy described you as a Judge Recorder. What does that mean?"

Sorry but what has this got to do with the thread on Concorde?

Giving way to weakness.. was FL on Killroy?

"Good Grief"..whatever next!! :confused: :confused:

11th Dec 2003, 08:52
Well worth the wait (15mins at night broadband!)

So true, quality is amazing on recent air-air footage, you almost want to reach out & touch it, its so close:)

Made me feel choked (again) too, but immensely proud of this beautiful icon.

Flying Lawyer
11th Dec 2003, 22:38
I've heard from the 'friend of a friend of a friend' who hosts my link, and been in contact with paulo about his link. The short answer to the download speed (or lack of speed) problem is: Volume of traffic.
There are links on two Pprune forums and each server is averaging 500 downloads per day!
High volume of traffic + large file = slower downloads.

Some periods are obviously busier than others but, apart from the frustration of having to wait a little longer to watch a superb video, it doesn't really matter. Let the computer get on with downloading while you do something else. Dial-up connections can be set to close when a download is complete.

Engine overtemp
I'm afraid no-one can explain your 5 hours.

I thought I'd escaped Ppruners finding out until I saw your post when I logged on today! Yes, I have to confess, it was me.
It's a small world. Jock Lowe (who'll be well-known to many BA Ppruners) rang within minutes of the programme being broadcast, and he was the first of many. In contrast to Jock's charm, most of my other friends pulled my leg mercilessly.
'Judge Recorder'
Kilroy got it slightly wrong. Recorders have the same powers as a permanent judge, but are part-time. Cases may be heard before 'His Honour Judge Bloggs' or a 'Mr. Recorder Bloggs'. I used to know the origin of the historic title 'Recorder', but I've forgotten.
NB Having explained, I'd really appreciate it if there are no questions or responses by anyone. I don't mind answering questions on Pprune about my role as a barrister, but I can't become involved in discussions about the Recorder aspect.
Hope everyone understands.

Tudor Owen

11th Dec 2003, 23:20
The rush must be over. Just downloaded it in 6 minutes from home. Great video.

My names Turkish
12th Dec 2003, 10:46
What you want to do is get Stateside and get your Comcast High Speed internet, with 3mbps and then you dont have to wait at all, instant streaming video. I cant wait to get back home to Ireland...........

12th Dec 2003, 15:57
Thanks for the link, Tudor old chum. Or should that be m'lud?

Watching it really makes me want to put a bat up Skippy's nightie....:mad: :mad:

Why didn't ba just inhibit and store the ac instead of sending them to sit rotting in places like NooYark and Barbados? Smacks of burning the boats - so that if anyone with pride, drive and charisma should ever float to the top and run ba (unlikely, I agree), the fleet cannot now be re-activated.

14th Dec 2003, 02:39
Thanks very much for the link.. even though it has brought wet eyes (again) and anger, disgust and a great sigh over the shortsighted manner in which things have gone.

I was privileged to have flown on her twice.

I hope BA has plans to use its massive archive of video to make a real tribute video including full takeoff, landing and inflight views from the cockpit, actual crew audio and the other stuff not usually seen on the number of tribute videos.

Trouble is, I don't know whether holding my breath is the key. I have all the Concorde stuff on play.com.. tips on anything missing welcome.

AN2 Driver
22nd Dec 2003, 05:26
Anywhere else that video can be got at? I tried both links, they are dead.

Best regards
AN2 Driver

22nd Dec 2003, 10:12
I agree with AN2 Driver - both links are dead due to bandwidth limits. If some kind soul could post this video to the Usenet newsgroup alt.binaries.multimedia.aviation it would be greatly appreciated. As a two-time passenger on Concorde, I would really like to have this video.

22nd Dec 2003, 18:58
Links are still dead, I also would appreciate someone pointing me to where I can download a copy,

Cheers, SD.:(

29th Dec 2003, 21:40
I can't download this for some reason

has it gone?

where can I get a copy


Mr Aerosexual
30th Dec 2003, 00:16
The link to the video isn't working anymore, any idea of how I can get to download it? Any help appreciated.
Thanks, Happy New Year.

5th Jan 2004, 00:25
I've just posted the video to usenet (alt.binaries.multimedia.aviation). Don't forget it is 78Meg, but worth every byte.

dd :ok:

8th Jan 2004, 07:31
dd, Its been several years since I trawled the news groups from a UX server tucked away in a back room at uni! Can seem to connect via IE, well outlook seems to be the tool it took me to in the end! Any chance you can post on an FTP site or give me idiot proof instructions on how to connect? :confused:

email me for the ftp site details and i will then make it available to all for download..!


8th Jan 2004, 07:41
Yeah i'd appreciate that too as i havent got any news account set up(although i'm making it a priority to sort one out!)!