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10th Dec 2003, 14:21

Ex-Ansett employees get more cash
December 10, 2003

THOUSANDS of former Ansett workers will receive more of their outstanding entitlements from tonight.

Ansett administrators Mark Korda and Mark Mentha today said they would start transferring redundancy payments at midnight tonight to former Ansett staff from the $150 million entitlement settlement reached last month.

In what they believe is Australia's largest-ever insolvency distribution, the administrators said dividends raised from the sale of Ansett assets and businesses would be electronically transferred into the bank accounts of ex-employees.

The Federal Court last month approved the entitlement settlement, ending a two-year dispute between the administrators and the trustees of a staff superannuation fund.

To date workers have received an average of 52 cents in the dollar, with 12,000 of the former airline's staff still owed a total of $220 million.

The settlement will take the average payment to 71 cents in the dollar.

"Following settlement of the case, our immediate, single-minded focus was on payments before Christmas," Mr Korda said.

"Considering the size and complexity of the distribution, our aim was to commence paying people by Christmas, with the bulk of payments completed by the end of January.

"We expect to make payments to more than 90 per cent of Ansett employees who are owed further entitlements immediately."



Some good news for the Ansett crew- now you can apply for
a Virgin credit card.:O


10th Dec 2003, 14:35
Great news,

I'll be checking the bank account first thing tomorrow.

Does anyone out there know exactly how many cents in the dollar will be paid. I heard M and K talking on a T.V show , they said 42 cents in the dollar on what is owing. Great I thought, however this apparently dependent on a few things ; ie if you wre in the ground staff super fund , how long your service was etc.
I am starting to smell a rat . Is the 42 cents in the buck a real figure or a misleading statistic ?

Time will tell I guess , but if anyone out there is seriously in the know could you please reply to this post

10th Dec 2003, 14:36
"Sounds good"but I won't start spending it yet !!:O

Buster Hyman
10th Dec 2003, 19:11
Payments are being distributed into your bank account and every effort isbeing made to have this paid before Christmas. We would estimate the average
return would be approximately 30-40% of the redundancy entitlements owing.

Straight from the horses mouth! And rather true as I've received some money earlier tonight!

11th Dec 2003, 00:04
Thurs "The Australian"

Ex-Ansett employees paid out
December 11, 2003

THOUSANDS of former Ansett workers were expected to have received more of their outstanding entitlements from last night.

Ansett administrators Mark Korda and Mark Mentha yesterday announced they would start transferring redundancy payments from midnight to former Ansett staff from the $150 million entitlement settlement reached last month.

In what is believed to be Australia's largest-ever insolvency distribution, the administrators said dividends raised from the sale of Ansett assets and businesses would be electronically transferred into the bank accounts of ex-employees.

Former workers cautiously celebrated the news yesterday.

Victorian branch secretary of the Australian Services Union Ingrid Stitt said the union was reluctant to advise members that they would receive their payments before Christmas.

"The administrators have got every intention of trying to pay as many people as possible before Christmas. "I'm just hoping that they will be able to do that if that's what they say they are going to do," Ms Stitt said.

"If, in fact, they can get the payments to staff before Christmas that's obviously an absolute bonus," she said.

The Federal Court last month approved the entitlement settlement, ending a two-year dispute between the administrators and the trustees of a staff superannuation fund.

Workers had earlier received an average of 52 cents in the dollar, with 12,000 of the former airline's staff still owed a total of $220 million.

The latest settlement will take the average payment to 71 cents in the dollar.


11th Dec 2003, 04:43
Nothing has gone into my account.

Buster Hyman
11th Dec 2003, 05:19
Send them an e-mail EPIRB, or give them a call.

Remember the squeeky wheel!!!

11th Dec 2003, 06:04
Got half of what I'm still owed from the administrators this morning. Thank-you M&M. Coupled with ABOUT BLOODY TIME!.

No word on the gnd staff super yet. However, I hope what has been distributed makes up few upturned lives a little merrier this christmas.:ok:

11th Dec 2003, 13:44
"Still waiting" congrats to those who got some !!

11th Dec 2003, 13:51
Back from work , checked bank account again to find........................................................ ............................................................ ................Absolutely no payment .

Guess I'm one of the less than 10 % that won't be getting their money immediately.

At least i've got a job though !

11th Dec 2003, 14:30
I got mine fellas. I'm sure yours is coming. Only owed 50k now :O

11th Dec 2003, 18:24
mmmmmmm.................No money as yet:confused:

11th Dec 2003, 18:43
Sounds like the Administrators grandstanding for the press again. I heard on the radio this morning that $150 million had been distributed overnight to 15000 former Ansett employees'.
Bullshit!! and whats this claimed 72c average in the dollar (crap) paid out so far to employees'. I have only recieved a fraction of what I am entitled to.

12th Dec 2003, 02:47
agreed LAME,

These two are very good at self promotion. Let's face it they have built their business on the ansett collapse and take every opportuntiy to raise their profile. That's good business sense but it does rub me the wrong way when nothing has been forthcoming despite me reasonably hoping for it after reading their press release.....oh., yeah, up early checked bank account ..
no dough .

QF Librarian
12th Dec 2003, 03:27
I wonder if John Howard will wait this long to get his payout after he leaves office:rolleyes:

Ty Webb
12th Dec 2003, 05:00
Whata you know nothing for me either! Merry X-Mas M&M.

12th Dec 2003, 08:46
....and nothing for many of my ex colleagues either....... 90% of staff getting money on the 11th..........Bull#$t!
Sounds good to the general public though. I have had so many people ring me over the last 24 hours telling me how glad they are that I have finally got some money . When I tell them that I haven't got a cracker yet they say " but it was in the paper, on the news.etc etc..." I have emailed the employee hotline and got a standard " please check your bank account over the next few days .." reply. No specific details .

If there is nothing in the bank by Monday I will be fronting them personally for an reason .

Buster Hyman
12th Dec 2003, 09:03
I see Mark Korda was on the ABC radio this morning trumpeting the fact that they sold a 146 freighter. Wouldn't go into specifics, but said they got over AUD5million for it....:ugh:

12th Dec 2003, 10:25
Got my payment this morning - nothing like the sum in the Proof of Debt letter, but something, at last! It should make Christmas a little brighter.

Kind regards, and Season's best wishes, to all,


12th Dec 2003, 11:52
I received about 9% in my account. I thought we were all going to get approx. 20 %. Either M&M are Bullsh*#ting us or the ATO have taken 50% in TAX! I would be interested to know how many other employee's dividend was short of what they had calculated?:confused:

12th Dec 2003, 12:37
I got some mula as well :D

Since I wasn't really expecting to see any of the money I was owed, I'm just grateful for what I received. I got about 1/3rd of what I'm owed.

sirjfp I hope when you do finally get your money you spend it on a box of Valium before you pop an artery. Chill.


12th Dec 2003, 13:29
"yipee" Mine went into my bank at 0800 this morning.Now will have to wait to find out how much was for what (super as opposed to outstanding redundancy !!!)

12th Dec 2003, 15:14
Nothing seen to date.....surprise, surprise !!

There seems to be great discrepancy in what people are getting paid. It just doesn't get any easier does it.

Fingers Crossed.


12th Dec 2003, 19:09
Does anyone have the number if you need to change your pay details and address?

Still no payment!

Buster Hyman
12th Dec 2003, 21:30
Since I wasn't really expecting to see any of the money I was owed, I'm just grateful for what I received
Sydgirl, I reckon this is exactly what they want us to feel. So happy to get anything, we rollover & let the rest slide.

Kaptin M
13th Dec 2003, 06:07
A case of Stockholm Syndrome, you reckon, Buster?

Maybe they're NOT such bad blokes after all - letting you have some of your own money back, a couple of years later!

13th Dec 2003, 12:45
Didn't receive a cent!:{

I was told by an Airbus manager i would be required to have a computer for Ansett. So I salary sacrificed a fancy laptop. Never used once for work- another BS story BS!

Anyone in a similar situation. To the M & M's take repay salary sacrificed debt first?

Merry xmas to those who benefited-finally!

Buster Hyman
13th Dec 2003, 19:55
I thought you'd post a lot sooner than that Kaptin! You must've been away.

14th Dec 2003, 03:13
Gnadenburg, I owed them money for salary sacrifice too, that's why I never received anything.

14th Dec 2003, 08:39
Buster it is true that I am grateful to get any money at all. I'm surprised that we got a payout (albeit not all of it) at all, let alone one before Christmas. It has helped ease a bit of financial burden, at least in my case. I hope it has done the same for others'.

That's not to say I don't want the rest of my money!!!


14th Dec 2003, 11:00
Syd girl,

Still no money today . I am a sole breadwinner for a family of 4 . My wife was made redundant from her part time job. Although I have found a new career I am earning 60% of what I used to until I can get further qualified. I think you can understand my need for this promised money . It is no wonder that the old arteries are feeling a bit of pressure............wait a minute , I think I felt something pop ! .....

Merry christmas to all ppruners out there ! I hope the dough arrives before the christmas via bill does .

14th Dec 2003, 11:17
Sincerest best wishes to you too sirjfp, I hope your money arrives soon to ease some of the Christmas burden.

Take care and Merry Christmas

15th Dec 2003, 11:55
just heard , the cash has arrived ....Mrs sirjfp out shopping ... my blood pressure back to 120 on 80 !

Also ended up with a little more than I thought

15th Dec 2003, 14:07
Posted here in error.. sorry folks


15th Dec 2003, 14:40
Don't let the better half blow it "all". It may be a long,long,long time before ya get another slice of pie. I've just recieved my letter from M&M and now I'm bewildered by the statements on the back regards "roll-over figures" :confused:

15th Dec 2003, 15:59
I'm a bit confused as well.
I dont know where I've received 71% of my money.

Maybe I have it wrong, but I'm 10 grand down on the last total.

Anyone else bad at maths?

15th Dec 2003, 18:58
Hello All.

I've been out of Oz for a while now, so if anybody could forward a contact phone No/ email address for the AN administrators Id appreciate it as Im also owed some $$$$.



16th Dec 2003, 02:04
1800 151 604 or [email protected]

16th Dec 2003, 17:57
I was told in May that I owed $1900 which was for computer gear. Now I am told I owe $7800 with no explanation! Now that is creative accounting. Any ideas what is going on there?

Buster Hyman
16th Dec 2003, 19:59
Probably interest and administration fees. Better pay 'em quick or they'll get your house!:mad: :hmm: :suspect:

17th Dec 2003, 15:32
Figures M and M have a rather slack bunch working for them (or not working, as it seems). Myself and a significant number of pals were told that KM didn't receive our proof of debt forms. Hmmm...... We all sent them in (who wouldn't when you're owed $30K+ ??!!). So, despite notification, no $$ yet. Nice one. All adds insult to injury, I'm afraid. The "if and when money", as one bright AN manager referred to it, is in limbo, but with no dependants to put food on the table for, I'm glad some others got it before me......really. By the by, the 50% tax comment is a bit rich. A friend was owed $44K and received $18, so I trust this was half (as expected) less about $4 tax. Hope this helps with a rough calculation. Redundancies simply aren't taxed the way 'normal' pay is. For others wanting to keep up to date, visit www.ansett.com.au and click on staff (password requied, if you can remember it!). You can call the pay office on (03) 9623 3735 and hear a recording. Press 4 for 'employee hotline'. The email address for pay queries is [email protected] and the fax number is (03) 8600 8433. They will forward you a proof of debt form via email or fax and you can then fax it to (03) 9623 3144. Hope it all helps. Good tidings to all.

20th Dec 2003, 11:58
Perm FO ,I too was told I "owed " them about 3 grand and this has mysteriously inflated to over 13 grand in the latest statement. The old employee hotline have so far failed to return my calls and and email.Fortunately I still have the copy of the proof of debt and I can't wait to hear their creative accounting story for this one ( if we ever hear anything at all ! ):mad: :mad:

20th Dec 2003, 13:46
Same same!

Owed 20K but I bought this laptop at the advice of Flight Management. Advised it was imperative to have a computer to perform duties of an Ansett pilot. Never used it once!

So owed 20K. I owe them 3k for my essential computer but now it has inflated to 10K debt!:confused:

I have an appreciating Laptop according to the two Monkeys!

20th Dec 2003, 17:48
Oldhasbeen - I kept my Proof of Debt form as well so have now sent copies to my local MP. I'm not sure whether this will help but ringing the staff hotline or emailing them is not helping either. It looks like Eminem are trying to pull a swifty. I am no legal expert but if they say that my debt is as per the Proof of Debt then it can't be adjusted according to some voodoo doll formula. What gets up my nose is they got all this publicity about how Ansett staff were going to get all this money well hopefully they will get some publicity but none of it good.

Ralph the Bong
20th Dec 2003, 19:10
Add me to the list of those who have not seen the money..

Visual Landing
21st Dec 2003, 07:44
To those of you still to receive money. If you were stood down on the 14th Sept then the administrator is withholding 2 weeks gross pay as they say you were paid 2 weeks in advance in the sept pay. Also they are withholding what you owed them re salary sacrifice. I understand that the 2 weeks pay they are withholding has been incorrectly calculated. Instead of 2 weeks at base rate they took 2 weeks at the average of the sept pay, ie including overtime and dta. This will be rectified. So if you were owed less than 10k you may not see any more dollars. There may be a deal done for this 2 weeks pay when the mediation happens on the brp vs the cr redundancy pay in february. Regards Visual Landing.:hmm: PS They are withholding 2weeks of mine as well as some salary sacrifice items.

21st Dec 2003, 11:09
My understanding under the award was that they cannot ask for it back after more than six months. I'm not sure of the legalities here though.

Ty Webb
21st Dec 2003, 11:16
I`m not sure, but as this money was paid at the time we were stood down ,14/09/01, wasn`t that payment made under the terms of our existing EB? If that is the case ,and I dont know if it is, but if it is, then I thought that the window of oportunity for the employer reclaim overpayment stopped at six months from the date the overpayment was made?????????

21st Dec 2003, 15:35
Good luck all you AN guys and girls. I hope you get every cent tha t is owiung and soon.

Best Wishes for a great Christma sand a better 2004.

22nd Dec 2003, 06:41
Just recieved a letter from one of the idiots saying they are withholding 2 weeks wages for the end of sep 01. As far as I'm concerned I agreed to a proof of debt which didn't mention anything about this and now they are moving the goalposts again. How do these pricks lie straight in bed at night??
And besides if They were going to pay me 10g's for 2 weeks work, it's no bloody wonder we went tits up!! I can see, that in the end, they are subtely(?) moving to a position where I actually owe them money for working.

22nd Dec 2003, 14:55
I have a claim in for about 10K. So 72% equals $7200 and all I want for XMas is a 737 endorcement so a down payment would be great.

My gripes:

1. I cannot understand the message on the helpline...what is the email address - he says it so quickly and every variation I've tried keeps bouncing.

2. They're away until Jan 5.

3. According to the AFAP, the amount I'm owned is in a special category and is not covered in this payment. So that means I'll never get anything because if they won't pay this out in full they won't pay anything else out.

4. I'm so pi$$ed off because when they sold KD, all KD employes should have been paid out then. The only time when KD people were wanted by Ansett, and treated them as equals, was when we were worth money to them and it pi$$sses me right off.

Kathartic release

Pi$$ off number two: How did it happen that the CRJ guys get sacked when we were making money (must take into account Air New Zealand keeping the financial protection -what a scam- of the lease payments and Ansetts dodgy revenue mangement practices - but we were making good money for the group), and the guys who were losing money big time, Impluse, are now in the best position in the country.

I just don't understand.

22nd Dec 2003, 23:00
Tues "Melbourne Age"

'Bungles' in scheme for Ansett staff
By Josh Gordon
December 23, 2003

The Federal Government's decision to use a private firm to run the Ansett workers' ticket tax scheme has involved substantial extra costs to taxpayers, the Audit Office has concluded.

In a report detailing a series of alleged bungles, the Audit Office accused the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations of failing to guard against tax risks, mismanaging funds raised through the levy, and forgetting to share important information with Centrelink.

The Government announced the scheme in September 2001, to help cover up to $500 million of outstanding pay and leave entitlements for about 13,000 workers left vulnerable by the collapse of Ansett.

The outstanding entitlements were mainly funded through a Commonwealth Bank loan taken out by a private company set up specially to run the scheme.

In turn, the Federal Government paid the firm (a subsidiary of Sydney-based Bentleys MRI) regular instalments of $8 million a month, raising the money through the $10 tax on domestic air tickets.

However the department, which was ultimately responsible for the scheme and had agreed to bear any risks, failed to take action against the risk that the income being paid to the private firm would be deemed taxable by the Tax Office.

That risk was realised in April 2002, when the Commission of Taxation ruled that the payments by the department were subject to company tax at the rate of 30 per cent, the report said.

"Addressing all of the unintended tax consequences has taken substantial time and effort, and therefore cost," the report said.

The Audit Office was also critical of the department for paying the firm only $8 million a month to meet the loan costs, even though the ticket tax was raising about $13 million a month.

It said the department continued to make the payments "without any apparent consideration of the interest costs", and concluded that $3.6 million could have been saved by lifting the rate of repayments.

Also, the department failed to provide Centrelink with important information in time to avoid double-dipping.

In a response published as an appendix to the report, the department said the Audit Office had failed to adequately recognise that the scheme had been set up in a hurry.

"To delay implementation, as suggested by the (Audit Office), would have had a significant social and economic impact on the Ansett employees already without employment or alternative sources of finance," the department said. "The (Audit Office) do not, in their analysis of this issue, adequately recognise the human dimension."

The report said the scheme has paid out a total of $336.1 million to 12,994 former Ansett workers, with an average payment of $25,868. It said Ansett administrators still had about $400 million in the bank, which could only be distributed to creditors once legal disputes were resolved.