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Beer Can Dreaming
10th Dec 2003, 12:23
Recently reported in the Daily Telegraph was a story about how Richard Branson's own Virgin credit card was rejected whilst attempting to pay for a meal at the Bather's Pavillion at Balmoral!

A Virgin spokeswomen said she did not know why the credit card was rejected.

Amusing story, but almost as amusing as the supposedly large number of Virgin Staff Australia wide who applied for their own Virgin credit cards only to be rejected for having inadequate income/credit history, or demonstrating the inability to repay and maintain a given credit level.

A sad indictment given all of the Virgin Blue fan-fare and his billions in worth spread amongst the media.
Perhaps if Sir Richard paid his staff a higher and more realistic wage then he may find the staff actually able to not only possess but also use the credit of their employers namesake!

Wirraway old son, a bit slow on the uptake of this one?
Reported in the Daily Telegraph Dec 10 P15.

yellow rocket
10th Dec 2003, 14:15
Branson passes bill

December 10, 2003

IT'S like Richard Branson's Virgin credit card being rejected.

Actually, Branson's Virgin credit card did get rejected at a top Sydney restaurant on Sunday night when the billionaire attempted to pay for a meal.

As subtle as good waiters can be whispering into the ear of one of the world's richest men, that one embarrassing word declined is never a good look.

Worse still is to be seen to have cash-flow issues on the eve of listing your company on the Australian Stock Exchange. It's perhaps more unpleasant for the fiscal drama to unfold before a dozen or more of your closest staff.

So how does a man with a personal wealth of over $3 billion react when his own brand of credit card gets knocked back?

"Great. Your shout then," he said to a staffer who promptly pulled out their own Virgin credit card.

The pre-float meal was a get together with staff at the exclusive Bathers' Pavilion, Balmoral where a bottle of wine can set you back $460 and is likely to have cost as much as $2000 in total.

A Virgin spokeswoman said she did not know why the card was rejected. The credit card could have received a workout since the former accountant arrived in Australia late last week with celebrations following the opening of his flagship Virgin Megastore in George St on Monday.

He was spotted at the Plantation Bar, Kings Cross, on Saturday night where onlookers report he said to one girl who told him she worked for Optus: "What can I do to make you join Virgin."

He is also said to have revealed Virgin will be flying from Sydney to London by June next year.

Link to story here (http://dailytelegraph.news.com.au/story.jsp?sectionid=1266&storyid=613172)

Johhny Utah
10th Dec 2003, 15:00
one too many Peugeot's on the credit card perhaps...? :rolleyes:

10th Dec 2003, 15:19

Branson wins Sydney Uni gong
December 10, 2003

MAKING business fun, daring and creative has not only made Sir Richard Branson a billion-dollar success story, today it also garnered him a trophy from the University of Sydney.

The Centre for the Mind's 2003 Distinguished Fellow Medal was awarded to the global entrepreneur who has built the $7 billion Virgin empire which overarches 224 companies.

Professor Allan Snyder, director of the centre which aims to unlock the full potential of human minds, said Branson was renowned for breaking the mindset about how business should be done.

"You have done to the corporate world what Indiana Jones did to archaeology," Prof Snyder said.

"You made it fun. You made it adventurous."

Sir Branson said true champions could not afford to be afraid of risk or failure and he said people had to persistently make the most of their opportunities.

"(It's) somewhat ironic that for someone who never went to university and who even struggled in high school, that I find myself being presented with this award in the grounds of the University of Sydney," he said.

"Convention is the enemy of progress, it stifles creativity, it stifles innovation, it hinders success and destroys the sense of adventure.

"While champions aren't afraid of failure, they are truly made when they learn the art of turning failure into success."

Prime Minister John Howard paid tribute to Sir Richard on receiving the award, previously awarded to Nelson Mandela.

"Sir Richard has consistently demonstrated singular human achievement, daring, creativity and innovation in both his personal and professional life," Mr Howard said in a statement.



10th Dec 2003, 22:22

at least he didn't go to Coles, buy a 6 pack of condoms, go through the express lane, the box doesn't scan the code, so the hot checkout chick calls the hot supervisor chick and yells "price check, Saturn Condoms, 6 pack!!". Then, after price confirmation, the checkout chick swipes the card and sings out "Insuffucient funds!".

That's to top off a bad day, I reckon.

I wish Richard would come up to me and ask me to work for Virgin... :D