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10th Dec 2003, 08:08
On a light hearted note. With Virgin Blue pilots wearing "bone", and Australian Airlines Pilots wearing "Blue" uniforms, what type of uniform will Jet Star pilots be wearing??
I personally think a silver one piece jump suite would be fan bloody tastic. These "space suites" would really recognise the changing of the tide in the Australian airline industry over the last few years!!! "Flight attendants be seated for Blast-off". You could purchase from your astro attendant, a White Wings "space-stick" and an energy drink with extra electrolytes. Just a thought:ok:

10th Dec 2003, 08:39
More like faded jeans and tatty white, grubby shirts with the sleeves ripped off - paid for by the staff themselves to enhance the low cost approach of Jetstar. The braid could be transferred to their belts as notches to indicate rank (nothing else indicated here guys and gals - you won't have the time or the energy). There shd be no difference in uniforms vis Tech and Cabin Crew. This would allow the dead heading Tech Crews to work as Flighties - reducing staffing to a min. Furthermore, Pax should be able to get a 5% discount on their airfare for assisting the crew in cleaning the aircraft on landing/turnaround.

10th Dec 2003, 08:49
A condition of purchasing a ticket with an early morning departure is that you have to pick up the pilot on the way to the airport.

10th Dec 2003, 12:41
What uniform do the Impluse pilots currently wear??

Is it basically the QF uniform?

I don't believe "lowcost" should transcend to the cockpit. The little kids (whose daddy paid to get them into VB) have not felt the sense of achievement that a fine Airline pilots uniform brings.

We should maintain a certain standard in our profession, both for the respect the position deserves and safety.

Don't take personal affront guys, but the VB "uniform" is bad and the the way the pilots generally wear it shows they have no respect for it. Fortunately, due to its lack of any semblance with a professional image, the public can't identify them anyway. :ouch:

Kaptin M
10th Dec 2003, 13:00
Don't complain guys n' gals - there's a Vice President of Flight Operations (even the airport managers have the title Vice President) in JAL Express, Osaka, Japan, who is trying to SELL the uniform!
eg., Caps (complete with scrambled eggs) - AUD135
Wings - AUD95

He tried initially to have us BUY the crew meals - but we told him that we would pay him if we DIDN'T get them! http://www.stopstart.fsnet.co.uk/smilie/puke.gif

Who knows - he might even be interested in selling to the public!

10th Dec 2003, 13:37
Idle Power

Head up MY a#se????

Your "I don't give a sh#t" attitude to your appearance is what I am talking about.

I have witnessed those with very, very little still make a gallant effort to look their best.

Not all (SOME TRY), but the general way you guys present yourselves is NOT a professional Airline pilot representation.

Backpacks, huge surfer joe glo-watch bands, sunnies atop either a #1 cut hairdo or hair so long it should be tied back, flithy construction boots, pants about a foot too short, crinkled shirts undone to mid-chest with a lovely display of surf/rap blink blinks around the neck and of course the "cool" baseball cap on backwards............... the a general malaise that only the genuis possess and the insane lament....:ooh: :ooh: (BS? I think not baby puppy. Go have a look around. )

WOW!!Fantastic look for a boat skipper on the gold coast however, you are suppose to be in charge of a 50 million dollar aircraft with 180 mum, dad and kids (and paxing pilots from other airlines)down the back. It is a simple fact of life that if you cannot be bothered with your own appearence then then why would you be bothered doing your job any differently??

Actually, when you see Airline Pilots resplendent in their "traditional uniforms", you probably consider them stuck up ******s. Correct?

Like I said, don't take it too personally. :ok:

I hope Qantas (and the Impluse pilots) insist on a suitable standard of uniform for STARSTRUCK.

10th Dec 2003, 14:40
Impulse still wear the original Impulse uniform with silver bars etc...very reminicent of British Airways.

Sperm Bank
11th Dec 2003, 06:07
EP, fortunately you are one of a very small MINORITY who feels anyone cares what you obviously find important to talk about. I don't see "resplendent" traditional uniforms. I see individuals who work for a company stuck in a time warp. I feel very sorry that they have to wear all that distinctive garbage on their heads and suit style jackets that are not remotely comfortable to wear. (The cabin crew change their uniform every 5 to 10 years, why not the pilots?) The last two airlines I worked for had all that rubbish and it neither made me feel more professional or did it help anyone operate the aircraft more safely or efficiently. It did give me a sense of achievement that after working so hard to attain an airline job, that i had finally achieved my objective. However after a few months of wearing the monkey suit, I realised it had little or nothing to do with being a professional. ('The fine sense of achievement an airline pilot uniform brings") Yeah right!!!!

The DJ uniforms are not in any way the most fashionable nor are they traditionally repslendent. They are however very comfortable (albeit the pants are hard to keep clean). I don't need to walk through the terminal with a beacon on my head to feel a sense of achievement or importance. The pilot uniforms are descendent from the US naval tradition. We have never set our own unique identity. After 100 years of aviation that is a little sad really.

If you feel you need to wear a monkey suit to feel good and look important and professional, that's great. The rest of us will get on with our profession irrespective of what we wear. Try not to let your jaundiced views permeate or persuade your interested minority.

11th Dec 2003, 07:21
Hmmmm, some of you blokes are missing a major point: what does the PASSENGER think? Well, I've asked around occasionally, asking people what do they think of:

(A) A conservative black or blue coloured uniform, white shirt, tie, epaulettes, hat, jacket; and

(B) A more casual uniform comprising bright, less conservative colours, no tie, no hat.

The response to (A) is "professional", "safe". The response to (B) is "not so professional", "casual" and I noted some hesitancy to emphatically say the word "safe"....

Look at it from the PASSENGER point of view (and they DO look at us). Who do they want to get on the plane with? Someone who looks like THEIR image of an airline pilot or someone who looks like a customs officer?

Why do you think "suits" wear suits? Not because they're comfortable, because they are considered professional by their business colleagues and customers. Same same doctors, lawyers, etc. Someone who doesn't look professional risks losing business.

That's the reality of the world, fellas, better learn to live with it!

Capt Claret
11th Dec 2003, 07:47
All I can say is that in 20 odd years, no woman has ever complimented me on the uniform, except for that period when it consisted of RM moleskins and boots, an ochre shirt and akubra hat.

Hate the bluddy peaked cap with braids of gold/platinum & egg yolk`on the peak. :yuk:

11th Dec 2003, 07:59
Capt Claret,
maybe the reason no woman has given you a compliment in 20 years of wearing a uniform is not because of the uniform. I'm sure you have a great personality:D

11th Dec 2003, 08:18

Please get on with your profession irrespective of what you wear.

Just try and look professional the WAY you wear it.:ok:

The rest of us still have some respect for the position we hold and do not wish to see it dragged into the gutter.

I am curious though........

If a Judge walked into court looking like he just jumped of his horse in outback NT........what sort of respect would he garner?? Would you be happy with the way he has "bothered" to represent himself?? :bored:

Capt Claret
11th Dec 2003, 10:09
I must agree wholeheartedly with you, even the bit about personality. :}

Never having considered myself the deitie's gift to women, I can only say I was quite chuffed when only a few years ago i received a number of compliments, whilst modelling was was then described as a cowboy suit! :8

High Altitude
11th Dec 2003, 11:35
Interesting point on uniforms...

Airlines - yes the bars/ the ties/ the jackets/ the hats...

What about GA? The sea plane drivers seem to have it right...

But seriously in the NT 40 deg loading freight white shirts... doesn't seem to mix...

Got a new uniform on the way which will hopefully be more NT...

11th Dec 2003, 11:44
In regards to the 'Traditional' uniform, my last 3 girlfriends all had some sort of wierd fetish with the hat:ok: . Made things interesting so I hope we keep the traditional look:) .

Sperm Bank
11th Dec 2003, 13:15
EP that was a very good COME back... had me laughing for a bit. Although I do not posses a prepuse as illuded to by smegma!!!!!! Nor does mine accumulate beneath the surface..( a bit of poetic license here please woomera!).

I do have respect for the profession (have worked too hard not to) but I dont think it all comes down to uniform. There is a bloke in Dubbo who makes his pilots wear white shirt with grey strides (or at least he used to when I last saw them). They looked smart and traditionally conservative ( a pre-requisite for this profession unfortunately). They had no stars and bars but still maintained the dignity of the job. There are pro's and con's for this and we all know what they are (the biggest problem being differentiation during emergency/critical situations).

You will note I did not espouse or making any glowing endorsement of the DJ uniform other than to say it was comfortable. It (the strides) is a ridiculous colour to keep clean! Even the shirts have too much rabble on them in my opinion. Those stupid wings are always catcing on shoulder harnesses as do the name tags. I would be happy enough with just the epaullettes and ID lanyard.

The reference has been made to doctors/lawyers/judges etc. ALL these people wear minimal attire at the coal face. How many surgeons have you seen wearing a suit and tie during a double bypass or delivering a baby? Yes when in the public eye they dress accordingly, as they have the where-with-all to do so. Airline pilots (short haul) are in and out of confined space all day and there is nothing more frustrating than continually dressing up then dressing down for flight duty time and time again.

It would be nice if we could as a group re-define our anonymity and give ourselves our own unique identity. Alas with all the one-upmanship going on in the airline industry these days, I doubt whether we will ever see that.

11th Dec 2003, 18:47

You seem like an affable chap. I therefore concede.

However, can I tell you that I usually enjoy being fully nude in the 'warren'.................. lower bunk of course!!!

Therefore, the uniform (VB or otherwise) is only for public viewing. :E