View Full Version : Illegal immigrants/bogus asylum seekers: Is enough, enough?

5th Sep 2001, 01:37
The govt criticises the French for not doing enough to stop these people boarding trains - the French govt say we ought to ask ourselves why so many of these people cross through several countries without seeking political asylum just to get to the UK because we are an easy touch.
For once, I agree with the French.

Anyone who suggests there should be stricter controls is accused of 'playing the race card.' Yet it's the liberals who are playing the race card to stifle open discussion.

tony draper
5th Sep 2001, 10:48
I see the home office has restricted the number of Albanian fans who will be allowed into the country to support their team today.
I suppose that would have been a interesting thing to see, ten thousand Albanians suddenly claiming they were England supporters.
Give it fifty years this country will be called Englistan.

5th Sep 2001, 11:07
Don't worry about it, in 50 years time your Englistan will still be able to play Test Cricket against Australistan........

;) :rolleyes: :eek: :D

Kermit 180
5th Sep 2001, 11:32
And Hong Zealandpore.


henry crun
5th Sep 2001, 11:33
Lame: you might be closer to another truth than you think.

A news item today showed Afghan refugees in camp in Pakistan who have taken to cricket in a big way to pass the time.

Judging by the form shown in the brief clip they are well on the way being quite good at it.

While you might have no need of them perhaps England could be grateful for some help in that department.

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[ 05 September 2001: Message edited by: henry crun ]

5th Sep 2001, 13:08
You beat me to it, since I posted that I have been watching our evening news on SBS, they had that same coverage of the camp in Pakistan, I was just going to post a similar thing to you about the Cricket............


marcel's minder
5th Sep 2001, 14:54
can any of them play rugdy? If so they will be welcome in NZ> :D

You want it when?
5th Sep 2001, 15:02
Marcel's Minder - what the heck is rugdy? Do you play it with small carpets?

6th Sep 2001, 14:41
Marcels Minder: New Zealand??? :eek: Haven't these people suffered enough? :p