View Full Version : QLD regional airlines, should be called NSW regional airlines

9th Dec 2003, 18:29
With their Dash-8 VH-JSZ is spending more time operating in NSW than in QLD, maybe they should change their name.

The aircraft seems to spend alot of time parked in the GA area at Sydney and only seems to be operating the occasional charter flight. Yesterday it was in Cessnock and last week it was at Coffs.

From what I've read, I thought their plan was to operate mining flights and RPT from Townsville. What happened to these flights?
Any idea when or if they plan to add some colour to the Dash, it looks a bit boring all white?

Do they have a web site?

9th Dec 2003, 18:33
VH-JZS is a Robinson R22. Presumably you mean VH-JSZ? And yes, the all white paint scheme is a bit ho hum!

9th Dec 2003, 18:42
Thanks olderbutyzer, I shall fix it now.