View Full Version : Top 10 Lowest Life Forms On The Planet

4th Sep 2001, 05:27
But in no particular order ..

1: Lawyers
2: Management Consultants
3: Journalists
4: Insurance Brokers
5: Fundamentalists
6: Bankers
7: Politicians
8: Teen-Pop Stars
9: HR Specialists
10: Non-drinking, tree-hugging, zero-emission vegetarians ..

AA 737 Babe
4th Sep 2001, 08:00
What AIRLINE MANAGEMENT did not make the list????? :eek:

4th Sep 2001, 08:21

Cannot agree that all airline managements are per definition idiots. Have no beef with the management of the company I'm employed with and cannot readily pass comments on others. But over at your side of the pond rumours has it that the Southwest boys and girls are doing a quite fine job. Have also heard some nice words said of some airline managements over at this side.

And finally, it could fall under the "Management Consultant" category if you really insist :D

4th Sep 2001, 11:38
Estate agents!


4th Sep 2001, 12:20
Sectarian scum who hurl obscenities at four and five year old girls.... :mad:

4th Sep 2001, 12:50
In no particular order:-
Lawyers, lawyers, lawyers, lawyers, lawyers, lawyers, lawyers, lawyers, Crown Ministers for Aviation with no comprehension of their portfolio and..uh..lawyers?
Fundamentalist sectarians, paedophiles and other anti social psychopaths unfortunately don't qualify as life as we know it; so they miss this year's nominations....Perhaps another thread?

4th Sep 2001, 13:02
I can't stand those '60s-rebel-we're-going-to-bring-down-the-govt' types who are now all pompus establishment figures.

Sir D***d F***t

Sir P*** M******y

Sir R*****d B*****n

Lord D***d P*****m

etc..etc..... :rolleyes:

I'd rather
4th Sep 2001, 14:06
er....I was going to post to this thread, but now I'm not sure I dare ;)

may I humbly suggest estate agents for the top of the list?

4th Sep 2001, 14:16
The French, I cant believe nobodys mentioned the French :eek:

4th Sep 2001, 16:22
Scab pilots on top of the list:

Eat **** and die scabs.

4th Sep 2001, 21:38
First place goes to drug dealers.
Second place goes to their customers who leave used syringes lying around in public places.

Boss Raptor
4th Sep 2001, 22:47
Here goes...'A Nigerian'...

tony draper
4th Sep 2001, 23:11
Members of Parliment, they should select a one at random from that from that huge sh*t house by the Thames every morning, drag them howling to College Green and burn them alive.
Their screams should be transmitted to the rest of the greatful nation, so those unfortunates who are unable to attend in person will not be deprived of the pleasure.
ps, A awfull lot of them are lawyers so we would be killing two birds with one stone.

4th Sep 2001, 23:24
Accountants and other assorted bean counters.

Advertising types.

Telephone sanitisers class a and b (thanks Douglas)



4th Sep 2001, 23:47
Somebody who thinks he can kill someone in the name of god

5th Sep 2001, 00:29
Burglars - Anyone who commits the pre-meditated act of entering someone else's home for the purpose of stealing their possessions deserves no mercy (if they ever get caught, which, let's face it, most of them don't).

:mad: :mad: :mad:

5th Sep 2001, 00:39
Computer 'USERS' who decide to phone the helpdesk at 4:45 with a problem which will take at least 2 hours to fix including server reconfiguration etc. Dump it in your lap then disappear off home. And because your seen to be in everyone drops by your office with there problems because they didn't have time during the day.

O'well the life of a contractor, every hour booked brings flying for a living nearer.

and also lawyers and people who drive in the middle lane what ever the traffic conditions.


5th Sep 2001, 02:11
I can't believe nobody has said this yet on a forum like this...

Bloody charter passengers!

5th Sep 2001, 16:25
And airline CSA`s
(just there to get in the way and annoy)
:mad: :mad: :mad:

Brit Abroad
5th Sep 2001, 17:48
- People in supermarkets who start eating the contents of their trolley before they pay for it, and then think they look sooooo cool.... :rolleyes:

- "Friends" who insist on describing in minute details every second of their 2 week holiday abroad. Accompanied with 5 packs of photographs and 10 hours of home video of sunsets, restaurants, buses, mountains etc.
ZZZZzzzzzzzz :o

- Private landlords (even worse than estate agents, IMHO) :(

- Moaning left-wing French 'workers' who are always either on strike or demonstrating about something in the workplace..... :mad:

You want it when?
5th Sep 2001, 18:23
1. People who hide thugery behind religion
2. Child mollesters
3. Lawyers
4. Office cleaners who unplug computers
5. "My own personal banker" at Lloyds
6. Binman - sorry refuse collection operatives
7. The neighbours children who stole my sons toys
8. Professional (ha) footballers
9. Anyone connected even remotely with RailTrack, Virgin Trains (execpt Claire on the 06:45 who serves me tea in the morning)and SilverLink. Lets also include the Underground for safety

And possible one I run into every day and I realy, really, loathe....

10. Those useless types who only decide to search for their train ticket when they get to the automatic barrier

5th Sep 2001, 18:29
.... telling you all about their holidays...

Yeah, ski-ers are the worst for that. Even if you manage to get a word in edgeways, try to tell 'em about your recent flying experiences, all you get is: "a helicopter? how interesting - anyway, on the Tuesday we got some really deep powder on the upper slope.... " Aaaaargghhhh !!

And why is it that people insist on filling any awkward silence with "so - where are you going for your holidays then ?" :mad:

5th Sep 2001, 18:37
Loyalist mobs who abuse Catholic school-children for walking to school along 'their' street.

5th Sep 2001, 21:07
MAFF (kill everything that moves, just in case) / DEFRA (let's change our name and perhaps people won't realise we are the same incompetent idiots)

Thugs everywhere who think intimidation gives them the keys to heaven
Robert Mugabe and his associates
Anyone who deliberately abuses a child

And the BT executives who recently thought that 02 is such an instantly recognisable symbol for oxygen that everyone would know it meant a breath of fresh air.

5th Sep 2001, 21:14
Can't believe anyone would rank us poor, helpful lawyers above Estate Agents, but there you go.

Estate Agents, top of the list, every time :D .

5th Sep 2001, 21:16
? Thought that air was mostly Nitrogen anyway.

Cor - wouldn't like to get a whiff of pure Oxygen - particularly unhealthy for smokers I should think :eek:

5th Sep 2001, 21:22
I started a list but ran off the bottom of the page.

How about I nominate everyone except the people I like?

That should do it.