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20th Apr 2001, 01:10
Just for info...

We´re still at it. Just waiting for the countout of the ballots, "pro"strike or not. 70% is needed and over 90% is expected for unlimited strike.

Asked for, are up to 35% pay increase, offered are between 1,5% to 7% (yeah, i know.. ignorant management).

So guys, waiting for the 3rd of may (finaly unlimited strike).

Stop by for a beer in Germany. Anywhere you are in this country. (Especialy those British Midland Crews in Munich, you really are challenging us germans at "Dampftheo"... ;-)

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20th Apr 2001, 02:13
all thumbs up for VC
we all hope you will set a standard for a long overdue rise in pay for european airline pilots

20th Apr 2001, 16:59
Grüss Gott Charly

How unlimited is unlimited ? I've seen in my own outfit " auf der anderen Seite des Rhein " people start with their hair in flame and very quickly worry for their rent at the end of the month.
Don't get me wrong here, I am actually over the f...g moon to see you guys make a move, at last, and when you do you will undoubtly start a thread there as every beancounter in Europe has always cited you as the ultimate example of : Discipline, good sense, loyalty......und soweiter Oh, forgive me I forgot to say cheap which in their view, is the pinacle of all moral values.
In my experience, unlimited strike means that short haul people will be the one bearing the costs. When you are rostered almost everyday you lose everyday. Not the same thing as being grounded in Noumea for 2 weeks on ( very lavish ) per Diem like it happened for some of our people.
Short haul are the first to go on strike because very logically the most fed up, but also the very first to feel the pain of the money not coming in. You might want to set up a compensation fund for those aber sicherlich habt ihr schon daran gedacht.
Im ernst wünsche ich euch viel Glück and viel Erfolg.

20th Apr 2001, 17:35
Grüß Gott Wallabie.

Seriously, having the possibility to strike unlimited (days, weeks, months) is hopefully enough to change managements minds on making reasonable offers.
To actually strike is a whole new ball game. One day strike would cost as much as giving each pilot his 30% increase for half a year. In case of strike, the union would start paying our wages.
BUT I hope, that even the worst short term minded beancounter would agree, that after the successfull countout of the ballots it would really be time to bring the whole thing to an end, and give us the money.
With an unlimited strike waiting at the other side of the door of the meeting rooms, nobody could really blame him to give in too quickly.
Even Mr. Lauer, head of personell affairs (is looked out as the next BigBoss of Lufthansa) could get out of the whole thing unhurt...

To all beancounters:
After the 3rd of May
stay out of the way

Greetings from Kraut-Land

21st Apr 2001, 02:49
Some friends of mine here in the US just bought tickets on LH to FRA on May 5th and return two weeks later. What do you think may happen in the worst case and what advice could you give. The tickets are already bought and paid for non-refundable.They did not know about an imminent strike. Thank you.


21st Apr 2001, 17:47
Be careful what you ask for Charly. You may get it. You admit you think the threat will be enough. Your comments already demonstrate a lack of resolve. Sure a strike costs money but it's a one off. To give a 30% rise is a huge increase in the overhead year after year. They'll call your bluff at least to start with and unless all of your colleagues are more resolute than you the strike will go off half cock. People will call in sick, some will operate and some will be rostered off. It's easy to strike on leave or days off! Next thing is the cracks will start and then they've got you. You'd better be 100% sure you're prepared to go all the way.If you are then good luck to you. The rest of Europe's pilots are raring for you to go. You'll boost their company's profits whatever the outcome and if you succeed you'll put upward pressure on their salaries. It's a win/win situation for them. I hope you at LH don't pay the price.

22nd Apr 2001, 04:23

I wish you and VC all the best. If you all manage to stick together through this then you will win the day.

Many airlines within Europe are looking at the outcome of your action.

All the best


22nd Apr 2001, 15:31
Thanks for support.

To Bash:

We´re 120% sure that we´ll strike if we have to. I only wanted to point out, that management has to do the next move... BEFORE we call out the strike...

And we are also informed by our union, that our low wages are used to put other european pilots under pressure.

We will get what we want!!

Grandad Flyer
22nd Apr 2001, 18:59
What's the current starting salaries for FOs and Captains at Lufthansa (in pounds?)

22nd Apr 2001, 22:19
Best of luck to you all. Next couple of weeks will be interesting.
Keep us posted.....

23rd Apr 2001, 01:39
Sombody asked for the sallaries at Lufthansa:

Initial Sallary for a First Officer:

26650 pounds
4395 pounds (taxfree)
700 pounds (average extra hours per month)

makes about 39445 pounds per year.

As for the high tax and social security rates, it makes about 20000 pounds net per year.
Not to forget that a young F/O has to finance 27000 pounds training.


26th Apr 2001, 01:12
How many days in advance of the action will the outcome be known ?