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Electric Bass
8th Dec 2003, 11:01
A married man with two children has lived in Australia since the age of 18 months. He "did a crime" and he has "done the time", but since he is not natrualised he can be deported.

Steve Ongel is to be deported tomorrow on QF1 leaving behind; his country, his parents, his wife and his two daughters, Rumesya (7) and Sumeyye (5).

Section 501 of the Migration Act, and our industry, is being abused to calously wreck the lives of this Australian family.

Captain...and crew...and ground handlers...and refuelers...and ATC you must listen. Please don't let this happen. Don't be party to this injustice.

Some things are worth standing up for - the service of the people, by the government - is one of them.

(Read about it in the local (Bagdad, Tasmania) rag, The Mercury 8 Dec. 2003).

8th Dec 2003, 11:09
Not good enough to be a naturalised citizen then not good enough to fight for. Sorry but you are either an Australian first or leave room for those that care to be, after migrating here.

8th Dec 2003, 11:43
what did he do????

8th Dec 2003, 11:43
If I read right this bloke carried out criminal activity and then got sent to gaol? Then the authorities used the Immigration act to deport him as an undesirable when he was released from prison because he failed to secure citizenship when it was available to him.

If thats the case then I say good on em'. I'll happily fly him out. We are just lucky he was too lazy to become a citizen otherwise we would be stuck with him.

Skyhawk XP
8th Dec 2003, 11:57
Is this Suat Ongel who was in the news recently and under detention at Villawood. If so, no support from me.

We have been too easy in this country for too long. I would like to see more offenders deported and the rules tightened for entry.

8th Dec 2003, 12:18
Electric Bass

You haven't given much of a case to gain support.

Tell us more please!

No link to the Mercury, spent last 20 mins on the site and no reference to this case found.

What was the Crime?

Why is he being deported?

What position did he have in the aviation industry?

How is "Our Industry" being abused???????? We take the booking and fly as requested.

Are you part of the aviation industry or is this a last bid try of a relative to keep someone in the country? I notice that you have made a total of one post since your registration TODAY

What do you expect us to do, ground the flight? What is the reason for this? Do we do it every time the government tries to deported someone?

8th Dec 2003, 12:27
They do this frequently, especially to POMS who never became citizens - getting their own back for history - decendants of convicts deporting convicts back to the society which deported them!!!! :E :E

Night Watch
8th Dec 2003, 12:35
This is irrelevant to aviation..........

Why do you feel PPrune can or should be used for your political agenda.

Woomera Please lock or delete this thread.

8th Dec 2003, 13:50
Electric Bass. Perhaps I could be very sympathetic to your plea if I have more details or mitigating evidence.

The Mercury search indicates:
The Mercury , 08-12-2003 , Ed: 1 - , Pg: 004 , 359 words ,
STEVE Ongel is no angel. But he did his crimes and he did the time and, upon release from jail, tried to start a new life with his wife and two daughters. Tomorrow night he will be handcuffed, sedated if necessary and forcibly deported from Australi...

I am unable to access what appears to be an editorial?

On the basis of the information you provided, the issue to me is "(he)....has lived in Australia since the age of 18 months..." and "...he is not natrualised...".

You mention this is "...his country...". I disagree. It seems he had that opportunity, but chose not to exercise his right. I feel deeply sorry for his wife and children if they are Australian citizens.

Perhaps he should have given greater consideration to both his citizenship and his actions, before he committed the crime in a country which was not his own?