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Pom Pax
8th Dec 2003, 10:13

How did the R.N.Z.A.F. get to have a Vulcan?

This image is the copyright of the bloke pictured.

henry crun
8th Dec 2003, 11:04
They didn't.

I havn't seen this particular pic before but I would guess that the insignia was painted on while the aircraft was visiting NZ.
Vulcans visited the country on many occasions.

It was, and probably still is, a common practice to adorn aircraft with the national and/or squadron symbols of the country they were visiting.

8th Dec 2003, 14:46
Have seen an air to air shot of a Vulcan (aahh!) with this marking in a magazine from years ago (Aeroplane?). Seem to remember markings were altered when said aircraft was on a visit to NZ.

Pom Pax
8th Dec 2003, 18:22
Nearly right so far.
Photo is marked " Bill Pearsey"
The 'vandalism' was done at Ohakea.

I was hoping to dig out an eye witness, but early days yet