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8th Dec 2003, 07:21
This is actually a question for Blastoid (following on from the Virgin TCAS RA thread). As I said on page six of that thread (re: MIL aircraft requesting block levels in Class E):

That's an interesting point, capitan. I was under the same impression, because I distinctly recall in the training package that block levels were banned to ALL aircraft, however, I noted in MATS yesterday that block levels are now banned to CIVIL aircraft only.

Then I noticed your post down the track that said no block levels (including for military aircraft). The new MATS says:

Block level clearances Block level clearances shall not be issued to:
a. civil aircraft in Class E airspace; or
b. aircraft to which the Mach Number techniques is applied.
so I'm just wondering whether you guys have got some local procedure/arrangement? What about around the rest of Oz?

8th Dec 2003, 09:43
OK, you lured me in... ;)

We had a note put in our ops file recently about this very point, instructing us (for the time being) not to issue block level clearances to any aircraft (including military) in Class E.

As far as I am aware this has not extended to any other group, is not the subject of a TLI or National Instruction.

It might also have something to do with recent instances where military traffic has been in the vicinity of VFR at Flight Levles (think of the speed!) with the standard 500' as per standard operating levels.

I think somebody, like you, also raised the MATS reference and yet we were told no block levels in E in training - for the obvious reason that it potentially eliminates the default safety mitigation of the airspace which is the table of cruising levels.

I shall endeavour to seek out the source of the information.... :ok:

11th Dec 2003, 09:11
NOTAM issued yesterday amending AIP.
Block levels not allowed for civil aircraft only, military are allowed block levels.

11th Dec 2003, 10:00
And the logic behind this is ?????

Military aircraft don't crash into other aircraft but civil aircraft might,???

11th Dec 2003, 14:51
Thanks for chasing that up, Blastoid - just another weird little part of NAS I guess?!

12th Dec 2003, 09:44
Yep, as MoFo suggested, and the reason for this would be? Go figure! :hmm: