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31st Aug 2001, 21:06
Best of luck, whatever team you support!
Another day of sweating, nails bitten to the stumps and then drowning your sorrows or celebrating in a vat of beer!

Wouldn't have it any other way!

Only the beautiful game has the power to create this much tension!

Up the Irish!

Bally Heck
1st Sep 2001, 00:25
Football? What football?

1st Sep 2001, 01:03
For some reason I'm not at all confident about tomorrow's game! :(

Still....come on Ireland!!

1st Sep 2001, 02:58
I'm praying Orange beats Green, we neet it.
I'll be yelling really loud at my TV-set in support.

Bally Heck
1st Sep 2001, 11:44
Despite my rather anglicised name, I am a card carrying, sporran wearing, haggis eating Scottish gentleman, I naturally eschew the hooligan's "sport" of assocciation football. Rugby and golf being the proper pusrsuits for landed lairds such as myself.

I have however been listening to the world service on my wireless and have to say that I was horrified by the behaviour of the "fans" of my adjacent neighbours soccer team in Frankfurt.

Apparently these ruffians, (I can think of no stronger term to describe them) have been insulting their Prussian hosts and dragging up a rather larger match which they personally played no small part in 60 or so years ago.

Fortunately, it was raining. So they were to uncommitted to leave the beer kellars and cause any real trouble. Pray for rain today.

As a result of this disgusting ill mannered behaviour, I will be joining my fellow Scots and rooting for the German team. Albeit in a playing a round of golf sort of way.

My gamekeeper informs me that the Scots are also partaking in a "match" today (yawn)

Much as I would like to watch this match, my personal trainer tells me that I have an appointment to have my chest waxed. No contest there I am afraid. Bring forth the waxing strip.

1st Sep 2001, 11:53
What is it about PPRuNE?? I've always noticed that there's f**k all football supporters here. Mind you that seems to be a common occurance among pilots!! Come on guys/gals, it's the worlds most popular came by along shot and for a good reason.

The amount of times I turned to my colleague in the cockpit and excitedly asked, "did you see the match?" and got the standard answer..."what match? who was playing?!"
You'rea s bad as Judges!

Where's Biggles? At least I know he'll be roaring on England today! And I also think there is no reason why England can't do it today, but a lot depends on Beckham and Owen.

1st Sep 2001, 15:32
Football has gone really well, Australia have beaten New Zealand in the Rugby Union, and the Broncos won too..........

:D :D :D

1st Sep 2001, 19:36
Ireland 1 Holland 0!!!!!

Lame who the f**k are the Bronco's??
The Denver Bronco's?! It's still pre-season for American football!

1st Sep 2001, 19:57

1st Sep 2001, 21:03
The Dutch got what they deserved. If you get a lot of chances but refuse to put the ball in the net, you're done! In the past they've had many escapes, only now the story is over.

It's also good for the airlines, nobody has to stay home to watch the match. ;)

Bally Heck
1st Sep 2001, 23:00

At the risk of sounding snobby or elitist, the reason few pilots are football fans is that, despite evidence to the contrary sometimes being displayed on these forums, most pilots have a degree of intelligence or education or sometimes both.

Now, don’t take this the wrong way. I am not saying that all football fans/players/management are one hole short of a golf course. It does not take too much television viewing, however, to discern that the vast majority of the above mentioned groups are not particularly gifted in the, shall we say academic fields. I think the only eloquent conversation I have heard recently from a football aficionado, was given by the Swedish manager of the England team. Some of the better known and talented players (and managers) seem unable to construct a sentence correctly without resorting to cliches (“Well Brian” “It’s a game of two halfs” “At the end of the day” ;)

Contrast this with almost any other sport, boxing, tennis, golf, rugby, swimming etc. Where the participants seem to have actually attended school and are able to formulate intelligent replies when interviewed.

Couple this with the loutish behaviour of what is always referred to as a “small minority” of fans. It has to be said that this small minority is not very small. They consist almost entirely of what are colloquially referred to in Scotland as “schemies”.

Now the big question, and I would love to here a reasoned answer to this one.

“We won the cup, We won the cup”
“Excuse me. Who won the cup?”
“We did. Fulchester United”.
“And who are Fulchester United”
“A football team, a German, two Frenchman, a Belgian, two South Americans, a Swede, a Londoner, a Scotsman, an Irishman and a Welshman.”
“No-one from Fulchester then?”
“So why do you support them?”
“Best team in the world mate!”
“So when you say ‘we won the cup’ you mean a bunch of guys you have never met won the cup?”
“I support them. They’re my team!”
“In what way, they come from 400 miles away”
“Never miss a match on the telly, got the strip, pictures on the wall, ask the guys at the pub”

And the question is: In what way does the light radiated from the undoubted achievement of 11 athletes reflect on this individual and his millions of cronies? In what way did he contribute to the victory (or defeat) such that he is able to claim some sort of credit for it?

If I personally achieve something worthwhile, I feel pleased.
If a friend or family member do likewise, I feel proud of them.
If eleven strangers win (or lose) a football match, I feel nothing.
Am I missing something somewhere?

(Incoming incoming helmets on! :confused: )

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1st Sep 2001, 23:10
I have to get my telly fixed. It says England 5 Germany 1, which can't be right, so I'll just phone the engineer.

1st Sep 2001, 23:55
I have to agree with you on that one JPJ. Also could you check with you clerk of court next time you see him, as I'm certain its illegal for any any english person or team to win at any sport - they certainly act as though they'll be imprisoned/fined for winning

2nd Sep 2001, 03:58

Don`t worry, you`re not the only person on this forum with the required IQ to understand and appreciate the beautiful game. You just have to understand that there are a lot of golf playing southern fags using Jet Blast who are ignorant of real sport, usually the type who used to wear the University rugby shirt because they once met someone in bar who knew someone in the team.

Anyway bring on the German cricket team.

2nd Sep 2001, 04:24

My apologies, your post said "good luck to everyone in the football this weekend", I didn't realise you meant soccer, we do not normally call that football here.

The Brisbane Broncos (Rugby League Football) won, as did the Brisbane Lions (AFL Football) and Australia defeated New Zealand in the Rugby Union, not sure about soccer??

Best regards,


2nd Sep 2001, 12:44
Well, well England, where did that result come from??!!

Outstanding performance, best England performance since '66? Michael Owen is on fire at the moment and seems to be scoring at will, in fact what a night for the Liverpool lads.
And if any of you doubt the power football has in popular culture, just look at the papers today and watch the news.

Bally Heck, you're talking rubbish because you're in fact talking about class. Football is indeed a game very much rooted in working class England and Scotland but to say that it's confined to the working classes is a myth. It is equally as popular amongst the great English middle classes as well, if it wasn't there is no way the broadsheet newspapers and news programmes would devote so much time to it. Look at the viewing figures last night. The difference is football really is 'the peoples game' loved by all from whatever class you come from. I too also love Rugby and have been going to Lansdowne Road/Twickenham etc for decades following Ireland, but in this part of the world it is an exclusively middle class game.

And anyway, talking of intelligence, I'd hardly call the likes of Richard Cockerill, Austin Healy, Lee Westwood or Darren Gough exactly bursting in their cranium areas, would you?

Lame, it's also true here in Ireland, football generally refers to Gaelic football. looking forward to the Coca-Cola Aussie Rules/Gaelic football series coming up, are you!
Well done Aussies on beating the All Blacks, a fitting send off for John Eales, one of the all time greats and true gentleman of world sport.

How are the hangovers everyone?! ;)

2nd Sep 2001, 13:58
Fantastic performance by England - how long before Tony Blair tries to take the credit for it??? :D

On a sad note, heard this morning that Brian Moore passed away a few hours before the game. For my money, he was always the best commentator, and it's a shame he wasn't able to witness such a great result. :(

BTW Bally Heck and NoSurrender, I like football AND golf. :confused:

2nd Sep 2001, 14:28
OK tell me I'm rising to the bait, but I already know it... I'll probably take a slagging for this post, but hey, I'm used to it, it happens all the time

See, I'm female, obviously therefore I have little knowledge about football, I know the names of the most attractive players and which of them is seeing an equally famous girlfriend but that's about it.

I do support that Fulchester team, I can rifle of some of the facts and figures from previous seasons, but my best male friend told me those.

I have a season ticket for them too, but I only got that when the team began to play well in the early to mid nineties and I brought along another 67000 of my like-minded friends to the last game.

From below you'll notice that I live more than 200 miles from the ground :D see that makes me a true fan.

I did go to school, in fact I went to college too, I have a very good academic background, I'd like to think I was reasonably intelligent too, and now that I'm working in ATC, I think that other people would hope that I've got some nouse.

I don't have a problem with the term 'we' used in connection with a football team, find me a person who doesn't say it, myself included, oh yeah, I did meet a few of those incoherent schoolboys a couple of times ;) Hanging round The Cliff on a Sunday morning watching the Youth Team of 1992, now somewhat strikingly similar to the core of the current Manchester United team, and also containing some of the best players in the England team, and arguably the world.

Bally Heck, your question about the fan and his millions of cronies taking the credit for their team.....
It's not a case of them taking any credit whatsoever for physically winning the game themselves, it's more a point that they feel compelled to follow a team so closely that they become wrapped up in the day-to-day happenings and then in the wake of a triumph or loss, they are personally affected by the outcome. Listen to Roy Keane and his 'prawn sandwich brigade' comment from last season, the players value the fans, and their contribution to a game, albeit in a noise capacity, is priceless. It's just a shame that as you say yourself, when 11 strangers win/lose a game you feel nothing, personally I see no greater pleasure than seeing 'MY' team win, it can put a smile on my face for days, equally when 'WE' lose it can also make me (just a little) down for a similar amount of time.
In case you need clarification, I AM female, I DO have a season ticket, yes I live in Edinburgh but spot the accent, there's a Manc in me somewhere ;) I have been supporting the Reds for years and I've spent many a day watching them train in the cold at the old Cliff and freezing on the touchline there, watching the Youth team play and their younger counterparts battle it out at Littleton Rd. I'm a well educated intelligent lass, who'll argue about football till the cows come home :)

Aside from the bitching, well done England!! Some excellent play from Messieurs Beckham and Owen, shame about the early defensive antics of Campbell and Ferdinand, which were all too quickly forgotten by the punditry in my book.
It was wonderful to see the football on terrestrial TV for a change, for those that haven't moved into the cable/Sky era, it's a refreshing change.... roll on Wednesday I say, more terrestrial football, what more could a girl want!! :D

Also, it's a shame to hear about the passing on of Brian Moore, a geniunely charming man, whom I had the pleasure of meeting during my time of voluntary work at Euro 96, a sad loss to the football world :( RIP

2nd Sep 2001, 19:05

Well done England!!

2nd Sep 2001, 21:28
It was a sad, sad day !
But truth was spoken on these pages,
if you get that many chances but fail to put the ball against the net you probably don't deserve to be there.
It's been awhile since WE were not participating.
(sniff, sniff).
v. Hooidonk, Hasselbank, v. Nistelrooy, Kluivert, Zenden and Overmars couldn't get the ball in.
Only one thing to say I guess, well done Irish !
The Boo-ing against Jaap Stam though, hmmmm.

Bally Heck
2nd Sep 2001, 23:11
Doh! :confused:

3rd Sep 2001, 00:26
Well Traveller, the booing was because he insulted two things precious to most Irish fans, Roy Keane and Manchester United.

Good result if a little unexpected, for both England and Ireland. I wonder what odds you'd have got on the double at the bookies.

I'm not really a football fan either, but patriotism will out.
Imagine the staid streets of Tokyo infested with Irish and English football fans.
What are the Japanese in for.

3rd Sep 2001, 02:21
Cally, well said! I agree with everything in your post except your choice of club!

I have to admit, I was wondering why everyone had forgotton the first 15 minutes or so, which, with the exception of Owen's first goal, were appalling.

But the rest of the match was truly inspiring, with some superb individual performances. Well done to the team - not just the players, but all those behind the scenes, too! And well done to the fans who travelled to Munich, who, unless there's been some news which I haven't heard yet, behaved themselves so well that, combined with the result, you have to wonder if it really was England that was playing!

The result was due more to Germany's disorganisation than England's skill, but hopefully the confidence boost from scoring 5 against Germany, in Germany, will help them go on to even greater things in the Far East next year....


3rd Sep 2001, 09:25
Good Oh on England and Ireland. :) Tears for the USA side. :( Oh well, later this week against Costa Rica, I hope, will tell the tale for USA. ;)

dAAvid -

Biggles Flies Undone
3rd Sep 2001, 13:13
I'm a bit late on this as I was away at the weekend, but not too late to say bloody well done England! And very well done to the Republic of Ireland too.

You're right OW22 - I was watching the match in a crowded pub, shouting as loud as I could for England. Absolutely electric atmosphere. After the match we were walking through the town to the curry house and every pub that we passed was full of people singing England anthems at the top of their voices. There are those on this BB that rubbish jingoism and patriotism but I'm not one of them - I was very proud to be English on Saturday night. Roll on Wednesday :)

Cally - you really are a dream :D where were all the beautiful, intelligent, pint drinking football loving girls when I were a lad? :(

3rd Sep 2001, 13:28
FFF, so which team do you have an allegiance to then?? ;)

Biggles, those girls you mention were probably living in the north-west of England, there's lots of those types around there. Shame I moved away really.... :rolleyes:

Biggles Flies Undone
3rd Sep 2001, 13:39
Thanks for the tip cally - my mistake is now clear as my ex comes from t'other side of the Pennines. Maybe I'll try the M6 instead of the M1 next time ;)

3rd Sep 2001, 20:07

Have to admit to not being a true footy fan, and therefore not really having a team. Although I like the game, I prefer rugby.

If pressured into giving a team, I would say Arsenal, but I'd also admit that it's only because my best mate is a lifelong supporter, and when I watch the footy it's usually with him. However, I've never actually been to an Arsenal match, and couldn't tell you very much about their history going back more than a year or two.

Harlequins, however, is a different story! Come on you Quins! Looking forward to trying to motivate the East Stand at the Stoop again this season (Quins fans, on the whole, take a little bit of motivation to get going), and hoping that the team doesn't try so hard to give me a heart attack this year! (What kind of team can win one cup, lose the final of another cup on a very bad decision by the touch-judge, and then almost get relegated? Oh, hold on, didn't Middlesbro' do something very similar a few years ago???) Bad start against the Irish last weekend, but we never beat them anyway.

I've also become interested in American football in the last few years (although I still haven't figured out why they call it "foot"-ball). I'm a NY Jets fan, but have never yet managed to be in the USA during the footy season. But it'll be interesting to see how the new management team shapes up this season... At least it looks like Testeverde is going to be fit for the start of the season next weekend.


3rd Sep 2001, 21:39
I admit I'm not the worlds biggest football fan but as said by Steepclimb "patriotism will out".
I follow the English and the British on the whole in all sports and that game was a game which saw this countrys name on the international footie front restored somewhat, which is great considering it's the usually the yobs causing trouble that grab the headlines. Great stuff boys!

My sport? Ice Speedway. I love to grab a meeting or two over in Northern Europe during the winter months. England don't really stand a chance against the likes of Germany in that sport though! ;)


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Bally Heck
4th Sep 2001, 03:26
Football, wherein is nothing but beastly fury, and extreme violence, whereof proceedeth hurt, and consequently rancour and violence do remain with them that be wounded. Thomas Elyot (1499-15466)

Bright chap.

callyoushortly: My regards to Steve, Phil and Sandy

Eagele18th: Well done Sir. Which course?

OneWorld22: Class wasn't mentioned in my post. The viewing figures for any TV programme I would submit are inversely proportional to it's intellectual content.

If I was to subscribe to the class system, which I certainly don't, preferring the meritocracy system, I would undoubtebly be classed as working class.

My worst nightmare is to be in a pub with Sky TV broadcasting a football match. The crowd chanting "Audi audi aaeaa, Audi audi aaeaa". The patrons chanting "OOOhhh, come on ref, Yohhhh!" etc. etc. Not what pubs are for.

I almost understand it....but not quite.

"Oh he's football crazy, He's football mad.
And the football it has robbed him,
O' that wee bit sense he had".

Finally, I hate it when I come back from the pub and pprune.

Bally Heck
4th Sep 2001, 03:29
And before anybody says anything, I meant 1566 not 15466 cos that would make him quite old. (hic)

4th Sep 2001, 03:43
I feel like crying right now. No, not because of the football but because i have just spent the last 50 mins or so writing a brilliant post for this thread. A brief glimpse into the mind of a passionate football suporter, then, my p.c decides to restart its self all on its own.. :( I can't believe it, i am gutted. Never mind, i suppose it would have bored most of you to death anyway...Oh well, wost things happen at sea.....

P.S. Cally Will you marry me....??????