View Full Version : Tricky Woo - what HAS he been up to?

DX Wombat
31st Aug 2001, 03:15
He claims to be the "Victim of a Blackmailing Scouser" So why is he being blackmailed and who is doing it? :confused: :confused:
PS Captain PPRuNe - does the colour used for your name have anything to do with your Scouse religion? :D :rolleyes: :cool:

31st Aug 2001, 09:47
No good for sure: Spending too much time on PPRuNe he is.

Shame on ya T.W.:
Ya should be chasing them Swiss Fraulins between the hills and valleys there in the Alps instead of PPRuNeing all day.

(I should put a smiley on this here posting to indicate I am just joking, but, ah most of the clientelle here in the Looney Bin called JetBlast have a sense of humor and no smiley should be required)

Tricky Woo
31st Aug 2001, 13:43
Hi All,

I thought that the tag is rather self-explanatory, but if you lot want it spelled out:

Uncle Danny (The Scouser) updated a few people's tags with 'Tight git', 'Tight-fisted', etc. I realised that such tags would remained in place (The Blackmail) until I (The tragic Victim) coughed up for something else.

I hope this helps.


31st Aug 2001, 17:26
Hey Tricky:

It's NOT Blackmail....

....its coloured person.... :D :D :D :D

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31st Aug 2001, 18:03
No Swashie, it's not 'coloured person' - it's 'non-specific hue non-gender designated induvudyall'

With that in mind I found the PC alternative meanings and I'm not sure what I am yet, but they cracked me up. So I then had to go and become a dysfunctional earth child, spatially perplexed which gave me a unique perspective on metaphysical and biological challenges.

Old Person / Elderly
4th-Dimentionally Extended or Gerontologically Advanced

Right Wing Extremist Fascist Pig


Sexually Non-preferential

Socially Separated

Insane People
Selectively Perceptive or Mental Explorers

Person with Learning Disability
Self-Paced Cognitive Ability

Dead People
Dysfunctional Earth Children or
Biologically Challenged or
Metaphysically Challenged

Ethnically Homogenous Area or
Pre-Integrated Pre-Nirvana

Spatially Perplexed

Economic Oppression Zone

People of Mass Gravitationally Challenged

Optically Darker
Photonically Non-receptive

Visually Oriented

Economically Unprepared

31st Aug 2001, 20:36
...love it Velvet..... :D :D :D :D