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7th Dec 2003, 21:52
Hi folks

I had a look around the shops last time I was in Melbourne, and had no joy finding a model of a B727-200 in either TAA or Australian Airlines colours.

Is there anyone who know if they can still be obtained anywhere?

Also, is there any chance someone can nip into the QF domestic terminal and get me the details of the people who have the model display, which if I remember correctly, is opposite the Post Office?

Many thanks


ex-taa Flight Engineer

Pete Conrad
8th Dec 2003, 04:17
If you buy the airfix 1/144 scale Pan Am B727-200 kit you can then buy the decals from Hawkeye decals in Perth. They have TAA/AN decals dating right back to the 1940's for every airliner they operated

email [email protected] to order decals.

I remember when I was a kid you got Ansett and TAA 727 models from BP servo's when you filled up with fuel?

Hope this helps

8th Dec 2003, 10:32
We are model manufactureres based in Sydney, specialising in 1:200 scale - called Nostalgair.

The B727-200 is available in TAA, Camel Hump, Centralian and Blue "T".

Even though the factory is closed for relocation to Queensland, it is possible to do a small run (not before Christmas however) as all retail stocks have been exhausted.

Go to website, www.modelair.com.au or PM me if you need further info.

8th Dec 2003, 20:40
Pete, and plainmaker

Many thanks for the info.

At last I might get a decent model of the B727, in "proper" colours!!

Now, if I could only get a Nomad model too.........

ex_taa F/E