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7th Dec 2003, 12:44
There is always much discussion on who gets paid what. In Australia (and other countries) the government will always post federal awards, so it is easy to go to- www.wagenet.gov.au/WageNet/HomePage/HomePage.asp
and carry out a search. ie- a VB captain could make about $160K with alot of overnights.ie-
(c) The following annual rates for Captains will commence after certification and are payable as follows:
Current I July 1 July 1 July
Captain salary 2002 2003 2004
4% 4% 6%
$113,300 $117,832 $122,545 $129,898

(d) A 2 % profit bonus payment will be paid to each pilot on the 01 July 2003. The bonus payment is calculated as 2% of the salary a pilot receives at the date of payment. A further bonus payable on the 01 July 2004 will be paid provided Virgin Blue achieves 75% of its current planned projected profit margin.
So it is reasonable to assume that Jetstar pilots will be very close to VB pilots. Also, the exact Jetstar award will be posted very soon on the above link, as interviews start in 3 weeks and a ratified award will be offered then. Hope this helps the curious out there!

(e) On the commencement of international operations Captains will also receive an increase to salary of $3000. First Officers will receive the appropriate percentage of this amount, plus allowances---
(f) Subject to the above provisions, the Professional Retention Payment of $15,000 will be paid on 30 June in 2003, 30 June 2004 and 30 June 2005.