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30th Aug 2001, 20:04
OK so British Telecom thought it would be amusing to put a fault on my ISDN line and cut off all my phones fax and email for several days :mad:

To make it worse you can't phone 151 from a mobile phone to report the fault (now even a five year old could work out what you'll have to do if all your land lines aren't working !!) and no one at BT Cellnet could tell me how to dial an 0800 number on my mobile (yes, I know, just miss of the leading '0' but the point is that all the listed fault report/complaint numbers are 0800 and no-one at Cellnet could tell me that's what I had to do :rolleyes: )

Well BT were completely unrepentant and it took 3 days before an engineer could manage to struggle down to the exchange and fix it.

As an example of how to business over the phone, BT really suck.

OK, rant over - now, did I miss anything good ?

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Send Clowns
30th Aug 2001, 23:21
Grainge, dear boy, get a decent mobile provider : not only are 0800 numbers just dialled as normal from Orange, but they are free, unlike certain other providers.

31st Aug 2001, 17:23
Make sure you claim compensation. They failed to repair a fault for me last December - took about 3 weeks. They diverted the house phone to the computer phone for us, and the compensation ended up as nearly 200!

1st Sep 2001, 05:39
As a FE college we used to be connected via a local cable company (now faster BT link) and one day our connection stopped working - it was eventually traced to one of their contractors not recognizing a digital line and connecting another customer to it as a normal phone.

2nd Sep 2001, 15:06
Speechless Two - Thanks for the Sky info...
We had a fault with our box last year and I spent literally hours trying to get through and actually talk to someone.
The most annoying has to be going through the menu to the right department, then being auto cut-off after holding for 20 minutes. :mad: :mad: :mad:

Howling Mad Murdock
3rd Sep 2001, 03:18
If you have any problems with BT, dont mess about with their own complaints review service, go straight to OFTELL - the number for them is in the phone book. I had a faulty line which took forever to fix and BT just didnt seem bothered, called OFTELL and they sent a rocket to someone: BT managers were calling every ten mins to sort it out.Lots of compensation too :)