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Kaptin M
30th Aug 2001, 18:22
Who can remember when Capt PPRuNe was in nappies, and used to be addressed as "[email protected]", instead of "CaptPPRuNe.com.org"? Congratulations on the success, Danny!

When there were only 2 forums - "R&N", and "Jet Blast"? -God that was easy, wasn't it!!

When Danny used to FOREVER complain of the life as a "Fraggle Rock" pilot...dark, cold nights - freezing temps, and just the dull thumping of piston engines to remind him that he was in fact alive?

The secretly shared "blackout period" when he was breathlessly waiting/hoping to be told that he had been successful with his 757 position?......the menstrual posts made during his ground school/sim/line training!!

Ahhhhhh, history - something to look back upon and enjoy, and something to try to help other up-and-comers avoid!!

Wee Weasley Welshman
30th Aug 2001, 20:06
Ahh those were indeed the days, when PPRuNe was but an email.