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6th Dec 2003, 16:46
Bristow pilots under attack, terms and conditions being destroyed. Time to stand up and fight for what we have worked for, for many years.

7th Dec 2003, 05:28
Was on the north sea 15 years ago. We tried to start a 'Union' then. Too many ex-military types foiled the plan. I'm not a total union freak, but there has to be some way to deal with tyranical management. Thankfully I fly fixed wing now, far more restful. :cool:

7th Dec 2003, 05:57
Do low workforce morale and :mad: poor man-management affect flight safety?
If you worry about the wx at your destination, you get another TAF, more fuel and if neither is available might elect to shut down and wait.
What if you worry about what your company has been up to while you were away on a 5 hour rig trip?
Have they without consultation decided to make people redundant, attacked your pension scheme, changed their contribution level to another pension scheme, announced changes to your loss of licence insurance? One of these things or all of them; has your CC (company council) been muzzled again so they can't tell you what's going on?
Or maybe you just missed an ATC call because that was in the back of your professional mind or your other crewmember asked a question to that effect.
All our so called managers have attended CRM courses or Teambuilding "Thingis" ; only to ignore the most basic of all man-management rules and guidelines.

JUST FILL HANGARS and (fear of all management)

Brace yourself for X-Mas; "there might be trouble ahead"

They will have to stay in business for 250 years to earn the trust they have lost and they are so much craving for.
:yuk: :yuk: