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Flying Lawyer
14th Dec 2001, 16:37
Met Uri Geller socially last weekend. Very interesting, and extremely likeable guy.

(1) He bent a teaspoon whilst I watched very carefully, having examined it first. As far as I could tell, it was an ordinary spoon. He stroked it gently, no great pressure. After a few strokes, it bent about 60 degrees.
Like all lawyers, I'm naturally sceptical but - it happened!

(2) Next ..... he asked me to draw a simple picture (whilst he looked away) then, whilst keeping it covered, to think about what I'd drawn. (A simple house - I'm no artist.) He then drew a house which was very similar to mine.
My first thought was most people who can't draw would draw a house because it's so easy. However, in a quick survey of 5 people at court on Monday morning, each drew something different - only one drew a house.

Any thoughts? :confused: :confused:

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Kalium Chloride
14th Dec 2001, 17:15
The spoon-bending thing has always fascinated me...

...I'm envious that you've seen it first-hand

14th Dec 2001, 17:46
Similarly I have a friend who can tell you a word or phrase that you are thinking of. I don't know how David does it, but it happens.

He ssks that you write down a word or phrase where he can't see it - in another room, away from his sight or just with his back turned. Then fold it up seal it in an envelope and hold it in plain sight. He then says which word or phrase, it's not a trick - I've done this with him and so have several of our friends - it's quite spooky actually. There is no way he could know the word or phrase in advance - but it can't be more than say ten words long.

He can only explain it by stating that he looks at the person's forehead and the word or phrase comes into his mind.

Just goes to show that there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of in our philosophy (sic)

bubba zanetti
14th Dec 2001, 20:22
I believe that Mr. Geller's spoons are carefully made for him and contain a section of Wood's Metal ... this is the same metal used in old style fire supression sprinkler heads ... it is very heat sensitive and will melt in very warm water ... Mr. Geller's body temp, coupled with the friction of rubbing, is enough to allow significant bending... Can't remember the former magicians name, but he has made a career out of debunking these types ... but be Randini or something like that ... I shall look as this kind of stuff gets under my skin ...

In a famous late night talk show appearance from the USA ... Johnny Carson, the host, presented Mr. Geller with spoons that Carson had brought to the program ... Geller could do nothing with them and claimed it was the negative energy from Carson that disrupted his ability ... yeah right! His career in North America faded after that telecast ...

Here is a link .... http://skepdic.com/geller.html

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14th Dec 2001, 21:21
if all those psychics know the winning lottery numbers, why are they all still working? :rolleyes:

I'd rather
14th Dec 2001, 21:24
I seem to remember reading something on the subject which suggested that the vast majority of people, if asked to draw something at random, will draw a house.

I know this theory doesn't accord with your experiment at court, but then m'learned friends have always been an awkward bunch...

14th Dec 2001, 21:57
Don't know if this'll work here but we'll try it-----
Think of a number between 1 and 10
multiply it by 9
if you end up with a 2 digit number,add these digits together.
Take away 5 from this answer
now convert this no. to a letter ie 1=a,2=b 3=c and so on.
Think of a country that begins with this letter you now have.
Think of an animal that begins with the 2nd letter of the country you have chosen .
The animal is ...
I'll post the animal you've chosen on here tomorrow...go on have a go!

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Flying Lawyer
14th Dec 2001, 22:44

Not seen this one before, but ...
ALL numbers between 1 and 10 when multiplied by 9 produce the same answer (9), so the final answer will always be 4.
Thinks ..... How many countries apart from Denmark begin with 'D'?
Thinks ....... How many animals begin with 'E' - apart from elephant?

Please edit to make your dotted lines shorter so that we can get the whole page back on the screen!!

tony draper
15th Dec 2001, 01:42
Draper can influence you all just with the power of his mind.
I want all the men on this site to picture this, you are sat naked
astride a giant hundred foot long sloping razor blade and you begin
to slide, the only option you have is to use your willy as a brake.
There, all the men are sitting hunched up and cross legged trying to stop the tears
in their eyes, and all the ladies have a smile on their lips. :eek:

PS, Draper further predicts that all the chaps will keep getting
flashback to this painfull senario for the next few weeks. ;)

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tony draper
15th Dec 2001, 01:51
Draper was trying to get
the bloody thing to fit
the bloody page.
Wish people wouldn't do that ;)

bubba zanetti
15th Dec 2001, 03:20
Mr. Draper ... that image reminds me of the "mare of steel" from the film "The Long Ships" ...

tony draper
15th Dec 2001, 03:30
Indeed Mr Z, don't think I've ever watched that movie right thru even though
the love of my life Sofia is in it.
If you want a good rip roaring yarn, full of hilarious grim humor, get the book
The Long Ships, a trully great read I promise.
Got a tattered and dog eared copy about the place somewhere, must have read
it half a dozen times since my youth.

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15th Dec 2001, 04:10
I saw a fatal crash at an airshow once. I'd expected it all morning. I even got the shakes on the drive to the show. I resisted the feelings but was the only one at the show not surprised.
Sometime later, I daydreamed that I would be attending a friends funeral soon. It was around midday. Later that day I heard on the radio of a fatal accident. I didn't need to be told who the pilot was or when it happened.
Coincidence of course, all coincidence.
I often have vivid dreams, one of a nail bomb explosion in London, a few days before the first of a series were planted. I've had several vivid dreams, most of which have come true the rest will eventually. Normal dreams are forgotten the instant you wake up.

Dingducky, the reason psychics can't predict the Lotto is because for one thing they cannot make themselves see things, it must flow naturally unprompted. Secondly, what you see is often symbolic or different in detail from what actually happens. Like the film version of a true event. The story is there but it requires interpretation.
Thirdly, negative images are more easily seen than positive. Perhaps psychics should try and see what numbers WON'T be coming out this time.
Fourthly, while you may see something that will happen there is no chronology, so you might see the winning lotto numbers next year or next week, not necessarily the next draw.

When I've bet on a horse, I've always known whether the horse would win or lose but only after I place the bet. Very annoying and far too late.

I can foresee a lot of incredulity from people reading this. But hasn't everyone known who it was on the phone before answering at least once? Then there was time you had a bad feeling about something.
All coincidence of course, just coincidence.

15th Dec 2001, 05:43
Flying Lawyer, I'm not too crash hot on geography but Dardanelles and Dominican republic would seem to qualify and is Dubai a country or a city??

Here in Oz we have the echidna and the emu and we also have eagles. We don't, however, have any elk or eland.


Kermit 180
15th Dec 2001, 13:14
Bodger, two animals come to mind starting with E. Which one is it I have in mind? Show us your psychic powers. :p

15th Dec 2001, 13:37
Sorry about the length of post .Didn't realise that the input box would be wider than the display! Doh!

Wile E. Coyote
15th Dec 2001, 17:14
I've seen a friend of mine, Ian Rowland, do spoon-bending in front of a large audience. Very impressive, and he even uses an Israeli accent just to make it more realistic ;) I've seen Ian do other psychic things, e.g. cold reading and telepathy.

Ian freely admits he is as psychic as a chocolate teapot! His website http://www.ian-rowland.co.uk/Start/IRStartIndex.htm is well worth a visit.

Another great psychic website is www.randi.org (http://www.randi.org)

Rumour has it that Uri Geller is one of the few people who will sue if you publically state that he's NOT a bender :D

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15th Dec 2001, 17:38
Blue D,

Neutral99 is quite correct. There was a thread on this matter which I couldn't be bothered looking up, in the very recent past. Being aware of the magical qualities of the number nine and its relations I got suspicious immediately and I consciously put Denmark aside, which of course completely stuffed the outcome. The thread then went on to detail some other amusing results which were decidedly NOT the supposedly predicted answer. Just a matter of odds. MOST people who do it without thinking will be impressed.

This subject fascinates me, partly because of the sheer arrogance that holds there can be no occurrences outside our current sphere of knowledge, but also because so many people have been prepared to put up a great deal of money for anybody who can PROVE unequivocally any sort of paranormal ability. To my knowledge not one of these skeptics has ever lost their money. Houdini was the most famous.

I have to put myself into the category of a skeptic, but like Houdini, I really want to be convinced otherwise. I have had my share of experiences which I can't explain, but which I am sure can be explained scientifically. (Though I'd like to hear their explanation of my dream of a horse, which I'd never heard of, winning a big race; a dream that remains crystal clear to me 20 years later mainly because I only had $5 on the bloody thing and it paid 10/1.) :rolleyes:

But I still retain what I think is a mind willing to be convinced. As my father used to muse, "Who the hell do we think we are, sitting on an insignificant speck in the universe thinking we possess the sum total of all knowledge?"

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15th Dec 2001, 18:49
Come on now be honest,most of you ,if you did it,will have picked elephant first.I only included it to show that even when it appears that you are able to make random choices in these events you are really being steered down a particular path.

Kermit 180
16th Dec 2001, 07:35
Actually Bodger I thought of an Emu first. Dunno why, the elephant came second. :rolleyes:

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Mac the Knife
16th Dec 2001, 17:28
Hmmm. I prescribe a regular dose of http://www.randi.org/

A good illusionist at close quarters can be extraordinarily impressive. Much of it is pure sleight of hand, but most of the more advanced tricks depend upon professional devices (props) which are can get very expensive indeed.

One patient eventually broke his oath and showed me how the "pass a lighted cigarette through a coin" worked. The coin has a laser-cut trapdoor in it with a tiny spring. The cut is so fine that it is virtually invisible. At first I was disappointed, but trying it myself I realised that the arts of distraction, palming and substitution are brilliantly clever in themselves and require endless practice.

16th Dec 2001, 19:21
I agree with Mac the Knife: regular doses of James Randi (and related site skeptics.org) will keep you sane. The house picture thing sounds like a version of "cold reading", an old trick. Flying Lawyer, have you been appearing too often in front of Mr Justice Bonkers? (I had him in the Div Court the other day and he almost drove me to believe in the tooth fairy). Perhaps you should go and do some aeros to shake the nonsense out of your system.

17th Dec 2001, 11:15
Wile E Coyote

Perhaps I missed it, but where does your friend say how the spoonbending is done?

Same goes for the Randi site. Lots of how Geller failed to do this or that but, after all these years nobody seems to be sure how Geller does it, closeup in front of people, not only on stage. :confused:

Wile E. Coyote
17th Dec 2001, 20:16
Ian's got some good closeup pictures on his website showing him spoonbending, http://www.ian-rowland.com/BTPsy/BPTVMirSTART.htm

If you want to know how he does it then I'm afraid you'll have to order his bending book when it comes out, http://www.ian-rowland.com/ItemsToBuy/index.htm has the details. Or use a search engine e.g. www.google.com (http://www.google.com) and search for spoonbending.

"The Truth about Uri Geller" by James Randi is worth getting hold of as well.

Flying Lawyer
17th Dec 2001, 22:42
It's probably too many hours aeros years ago which caused my confusion! :D

I've always dismissed this sort of thing as utter nonsense and/or clever trickery depending on the circumstances. But, to do so I've had to ignore one incident twenty years ago.
An old lady in California (of course!) who was said to have ESP told me many things about myself which were completely accurate, but which could just have been ordinary powers of perception - albeit highly tuned.
However, one thing I couldn't and still can't understand/explain.
She was a total stranger whom I met for about twenty minutes, yet she was able to tell me the day and month my father died seven years earlier. As far as I know, there was nobody in North America who knew the date except me.
Any ideas, anyone? :confused:

17th Dec 2001, 22:49
All I can say is you people are going to be disappointed in how this thread ends.

tony draper
17th Dec 2001, 22:54
Even if something like telepathy exsists, and there is some scientific work that suggests people picking those cards get more correct than chance should allow, it always struck me that the telephone is infinatly more efficient. ;)

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18th Dec 2001, 01:40
Dominica is also a country starting with a D.
(Not to be confused with the Dominican Republic on the island of Hispaniola.

Is Dubai a country? Hmm, part of the Emirates, City/State like Kuwait perhaps?

Aye, Uri Geller is still alive?

He did his stuff on TV in the old country 30 years ago.
Had people pull out old and broken watches and clocks then using his "Powers" to make 'em work again.
Some did.

All PFM to this here TowerDog.

18th Dec 2001, 03:13
Isn't it just that we all need a bit of magic in our lives.

I'm not sure I want everything explained, I prefer to think that there are things that will forever remain a mystery.

18th Dec 2001, 04:17
I tend to agree with Flying Lawyer and Vel here. I'd dismiss it all but for an incident when my mother was going through her terminal illness. A friend in the USA, in Hawaii, is a Reiki practitioner (about which I knew nothing, and know only a little more now), and told me she'd have a session with my mother. In this particular Forum where I'd met this woman, nobody knew much about me at all. However, the following day, she knew not only my mother's Christian name, but also her nickname when she was young, described the garden at my parents' house in great detail, and thoroughly spooked me out.

I just had to come to the conclusion that there is more in heaven and earth than are explained by our philosphy...

tony draper
18th Dec 2001, 04:25
I remember walking throught the streets of Colombo and a small chap running up and grabbing Drapers hand and commencing to read Drapers palm on the move.
"Good long lifeline you got Mr, good health you have, you give me ten rupies Mr?.
"F*ck off"
"Bastard!!, speak f*ck off me, you die young, I see it in palm" ;)

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18th Dec 2001, 15:44
Chap was quite obviously a charleton of the worst kind, when did you say that was 1932?

tony draper
18th Dec 2001, 16:39
Well it was when Ceylon still had its proper name and also incidently, a lady prime minister.
Palmistry and other forms of fortune telling was a big industry then.
Heh heh, I also remember a few of the crew clubbed together and bought some precious stones,(another big industry in Ceylon) which they planned to sell for a immense profit back in blighty.
Draper enters Chief Engineers cabin and following conversation takes place,
"How do you know they are real chiefy?"
"well theres a test ,watch Drapes"
Chief engineer places ruby or whatever the size of a thumb on floor on top of coin, other shareholders in this venture look on nervously, he then places other coin on top of this lump of wealth,
"When I stamp on this the stone will remain undamaged, the coins will be bend"
White powder, all that remains of investment all over cabin floor.
Draper beats hasty retreat. :(