View Full Version : Inflight Coffee

29th Aug 2001, 02:25
When travelling outbound as SLF to start a duty turn, i have often been served with Coffee by the FA's, have recently noticed alot of black granules in the bottom of the cup, anyone know what they are?

I know it is nothing to do with the coffee maker as i have checked with engineering, anf they are the wrong size, shape and indeed taste to be coffee granules.

Your thoughts please.


This isn't an office. It's Hell with fluorescent lighting :confused:

29th Aug 2001, 03:49
:D Yes siree! It's rat sh!t!

29th Aug 2001, 13:08
Thanks mate, always wondered why they were chewy!!! :D :D :D :D

29th Aug 2001, 15:48
Try the tea Herky

29th Aug 2001, 16:50
Thanks CCAERO, the same black deposits are also in the tea :eek:

29th Aug 2001, 19:45
No, slightly different. Those deposits are left by the Tea Rats, different species from the Coffee Rats. Stick to G&T.