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Made Guy
29th Aug 2001, 17:30
А little encouragement always helps!
http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/world/americas/newsid_1514000/1514527.stm :mad: :mad: :confused:

29th Aug 2001, 17:40
She survived jumping 160 feet from the bridge. :eek:

Lots of time to think about it on the way down.

Drivers egged her on so the traffic jams would clear. :rolleyes:

30th Aug 2001, 09:45
Only in America

Tricky Woo
30th Aug 2001, 14:20
It's incredible how f**king callous people can be.


Doctor Cruces
1st Sep 2001, 21:12
Hey Trickie,

If people will be so selfish as to threaten to jump from a bridge, is it surprising that folk will egg them on so they can be on their way.

It's always happening on the Runcorn Bridge (thats the one on the beginning of Merseybeat) usually in rush hour.It is rumoured that a pilot of a well known "Green" airline based in LPL in a similar situation yelled words to the effect of " won't someone do something. Back in Texas they'd have shot the f***er by now and we could get to work!!"

Not perhaps the most sympathetic of attitudes, but when it happens with alarming regularity one can perhaps understand if not condone the sentiment.

Personally, I'm glad my life has never been bad enough to warrant that terrible solution.

Doc C. :eek:

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Tricky Woo
3rd Sep 2001, 13:36
Dear Doc,

I would normally describe an intended or threatened act of suicide to be a wee bit on the abnormal side... perhaps even a demonstration of a less than healthy mental state. Seems to me that such people ought to be helped by the many, many people who profess to be mentally healthy, rather than egged on by a few nasty f**kers sat in their cars listening to Woman's Hour.

A delayed journey in inconvenient. A terminated life is usually considered to be rather more inconvenient, to that person, and also to their family and friends.

The pilot you described should be tarred and feathered.


p.s. Isn't Runcorn Bridge the one that the Aussies copied during a moment of uninspiration.

You want it when?
3rd Sep 2001, 13:50
Tricky I'm with the Doc on this one.

A public suicide attempt like this is a call for help agreed. Screwing up traffic and causing multiple delays is plain rude. How many people lost their jobs cause they were late for their shift? Had heart attacks as the pressure got too much (or got nearer an attack), anyone's house robbed because they weren't home - kids abandoned by the babysitter... It goes on.

Yes cry for help - but if you're going to kill yourself please do it as quickly as possible and with the least disruption to others. A couple of times when the tube I've been on has been stopped due to a fatality in the next station - the comments have not been "Oh dear what a shame", but "well for f**ks sake - someone killed themselves and we all have to suffer"

I'm not callous - I've seen death in good mates and relations. Everyone is loved and missed by someone, if you've ever read a local paper "In memory" section you can feel the pain. However - killing yourself is one thing, causing a disruption is wrong.

"Jump you silly twit - I've still a got life to lead"

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Tricky Woo
3rd Sep 2001, 13:59
I refer Your Honour to my first post.


You want it when?
3rd Sep 2001, 14:07
TW Acknowledged, each to their own viewpoint.

I'd rather
3rd Sep 2001, 16:52
I can't believe some of the posts on this thread. Tricky, I'm with you.

Are there really people out there who, WHEN THEY STOP AND THINK ABOUT IT, consider that them getting home on time is more important than saving someone's life?

3rd Sep 2001, 17:01
Do you ever save anybody's Life??

We all go to meet our maker in the end...... :( :(

Doctor Cruces
3rd Sep 2001, 17:15

A/ No, that was the Tyne bridge at Newcastle. Both were made by Cleaveland Bridge Company of Darlington, Co. Durham.

B/ If you read my post I actually do not condone that sort of behaviour and would personally not mind being delayed a bit if a life can be saved. I merely pointed out a rumour, and said that it was a frequent occurance on the Runcorn Bridge and it hacks a lot of people off.

Doc C. :)

You want it when?
3rd Sep 2001, 17:24
I'd Rather - How naive and sanctimonious and holier than thou are you? Of course anyone's life is more important than getting home on time, or losing your job because you're late or not being able to man the fire truck / ambulance etc. However the collateral damage of this one woman's cry for help could have (and maybe did) disrupt other peoples live possibly irreparably. What right did she have to screw up everyone else?

OK so they missed Eastenders or what ever drivel was on TV no loss. However what if someone was struggling to the death bed of their child and she stopped them getting there before the child died? This happened to a good mate of mine whose daughter was run over - he was crying into his beer for months afterwards, his marriage went really rocky for a while and he resigned from his job because he couldn't cope. Such pent up anger and frustration and two / three lives ruined because one selfish person decided to screw up the traffic flow - he stills cries on her birthday and Christmas (if you care). Oh and the silly cow didn't jump in the end so it was all a big waste of time.

If you want to kill yourself, then go ahead and do it. However if you want to screw up a lot of lives then expect their tollarance to be very low.

Sorry this subject is very touchy, emotive and close to home, perhaps I shouldn't post on it. But I'd hate for you to think I some sort of un-caring git. :mad:

I'd rather
3rd Sep 2001, 20:13
YWIW - I'm very sorry to hear about your friend.

3rd Sep 2001, 20:37
YW is right - the behaviour is selfish. If the real and sole intent of the action was to end your life, then a few pills or a hose to the exhaust pipe would do it nicely.

This woman wanted attention - look at me, I want someone else to sort out my problems and so on.

Of course this person should receive all the help she can get, and it is available without going to all this melodrama, so yes the action was selfish.

The actions of the eggers-on, while understandable, were indeed perhaps less than saintly but what right does this person have to impinge on everyone else's life and demand attention from them ?

4th Sep 2001, 13:38
Expecting rational behavior from a suicider seems to demonstrate a comprehension problem.

Finding a pal who has blown out much of his internal organs and head puts it in perspective.


5th Sep 2001, 00:32
If you are contemplating suicide perhaps you should take a walk around a childrens cancer ward and watch them battle like tigers to hang on to life, while you think of new and interesting or perhaps old and boring ways to end yours. Maybe that will add a little bit of perspective to your view on life! As to those who encouraged this person to jump, I'm appalled at your behaviour-it only goes to prove that a normally rational,calm and caring human can become a complete imbecile once behind the wheel of a car!!!

5th Sep 2001, 00:46
Or move to Japan ....

5th Sep 2001, 18:39
Woman who jumped from bridge recovering
Wednesday, September 5, 2001


The condition of the woman who jumped from the Ship Canal Bridge last week has been steadily improving, leading doctors to transfer her out of intensive care at Harborview Medical Center.

The 26-year-old Tacoma-area resident is now listed in satisfactory condition, hospital spokeswoman Susan Gregg-Hanson said yesterday.

She was unconscious and near death when police fished her from the canal a week ago. She initially was listed in critical condition, suffering a spine fracture, chest and abdominal injuries, and bruises up and down her body after the 160-foot plunge from the Interstate 5 span.

The suicide attempt snarled morning rush-hour traffic and elicited taunts from some passing motorists.

Sympathetic residents have since deluged the hospital with hundreds of cards and scores of phone calls, flowers, stuffed animals, books and other gifts.