View Full Version : 737 all series and airbus 320 performance and operational costs

5th Dec 2003, 23:45
Dear Sirs:

Is there anybody that can give me a complete information about those aircraft? I need all the performance and operational costs, fuel comsuption, etc

Thank you very much

6th Dec 2003, 04:17
Looks like someone is doing a business plan study ?

If you have a look at the sticky on this forum, there are a few links to sites which will give you a start on your quest ...

6th Dec 2003, 11:23
The last time that i did that sort of work, i got paid for it!!!!!!


6th Dec 2003, 18:43
.. my thoughts, precisely ...

14th Dec 2003, 18:04
Yes Sirs:

I am making a bussiness plan. My own bussiness plan. Its about a low cost company based in Spain.

Is it interesting for you?

Do you want to work with me in this project?

Any other ideas?

Boss Raptor
14th Dec 2003, 18:11
Your operational costs will vary depending on your route, operating, utilisation and support/logistics scenario.

Once you have confirmed this then you can start from the bottom and work up - aircraft lease cost, airframe maintenance cost per hour, engine maintenance cost, LRU cost, insurance etc. etc.

Taking some arbitary figure as an hourly operating cost is useless.