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28th Aug 2001, 23:54
I am a frequent user of CrewStart.com and they just started a dating service. Does anyone know of other - popular - online dating services ???
thanks - Larry

29th Aug 2001, 20:01
you mean like www.dateapilot.com (http://www.dateapilot.com) :p :rolleyes: :D

Onan the Clumsy
29th Aug 2001, 21:03
Might as well close this thread then. :)

30th Aug 2001, 19:23
So dings, how come you knew that one straight away ?? ;)

Do any of 'em bear any resemblance to the tagline:

"They are well traveled, wear sexy uniforms, have nerves of steel (they are screened for it), healthy (rigorous yearly medical exams), will fly you to an opera on a far away continent, are not afraid to steer 400 tons of tube at the speed of sound, AND you don't have to face him at breakfast every morning. You get nice presents from all over the world and your friends will envy you...

Come on dings, why waste your time on those physically-perfect specimens when you've got all us PPRuNers to choose from ???

Wonder what the equivalent tagline for "Date-a-PPRuNer" would be?

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30th Aug 2001, 19:27
Oh, and here's a message for all you perfect specimens out there:

If you're out there, and you're cute, maybe you're beautiful....

....just remember there's more of us ugly motherfukkers out here than you are, heyyy..

So watch out ! :cool:

9th Sep 2001, 15:37
what did happen to our little opera diva? :confused: :p :D

The Guvnor
9th Sep 2001, 15:46
Posted on airliners.net:

Subject: How To Pick Up a F/A

There's a guy sitting at an airport restaurant where he notices a beautiful woman in a uniform sitting next to him. He thinks to himself, Wow!! She's so gorgeous, she must be a flight attendant. So he scoots towards her to try and pick her up, but he can't think of a pick up line.

After thinking for a while he turns towards her and says, "Love to fly and it shows??" She gives him a blank, confused stare and he immediately thinks to himself, Oh **** , she must not fly for Delta.

So he thinks again and says, "Something special in the air??" She gives him the same confused look. He thinks, Damn! I guess it's not American either!

So he finally says, "I bet you work hard & fly right!!" When suddenly the woman, irritated beyond belief snaps, "What the fcuk do you want?!?!?!"

The man in a relieved voice says:
"Ahhhhhh.................. United."

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10th Sep 2001, 04:30
dings -

Saw her "I want to date a Pilot" post over on "planebusiness" a couple of weeks ago.

dAAvid -

15th Sep 2001, 15:25
I take it you've all seen the 'pilot fetish' essay posted here last week.