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5th Dec 2003, 15:59
Air New Zealand


Air New Zealand would like to advise effective for all travel from 15 December 2003 we are reverting to the pre-Tasman Express full Business Class food and beverage specification.

This will see passengers provided with a pre take-off drink, an appetiser, a hot meal choice from a selection of meals, a bakery item with the main meal, a more comprehensive dessert, a Kapiti cheese selection and a full bar service, which will include premium spirits, liqueurs, champagne and port in addition to the premium New Zealand wines and beer currently being served.

At this stage we will continue to offer one special meal (which is currently vegetarian) in Business Class, however, should there be an upturn in demand we will review the current offering.

The pricing for Business class fares will be reviewed in the New Year.

Quote from the CEO

"Once in a while we are going to make the wrong calls when making decisions on products and services we deliver. This is one of those times. However, I take great heart from the fact that we are able to listen to customer demands and quickly remedy the situation. This is further demonstration that Air New Zealand is becoming the nimble business that it needs to be to prosper into today’s volatile airline industry."


Patriot One
5th Dec 2003, 16:27
Did he really say "nimble business"? You gotta laugh. Then repeat it in kiwi "numbull busnuss" and its even funnier.

Remind me again - do you spell "bollocks" with one L or two?

Plas Teek
5th Dec 2003, 16:51
At least it seems he can admit when he makes a mistake.
Unlike those from the West Island that can't even speak english proper.....