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28th Aug 2001, 23:53
Saw this on a radio page , can we think of the most misleading words to use.
To start
A for Aesop.
If you need more ideas.

Send Clowns
29th Aug 2001, 03:08
L ... Llandudno

29th Aug 2001, 05:18
P for pneumonia.

29th Aug 2001, 06:11
G for jesus (or even "JEEEEEEESUS"!)

Drop and Stop
29th Aug 2001, 06:36
Reminds me of a bloke on Wheel of Fortune. "Could I have an S for psychology please!?!"

Arm out the window
29th Aug 2001, 07:18
D for Djibouti

Y for Yvette

29th Aug 2001, 12:11
B - Bejeeeeesssuuuussss! :D :D :D :D

SLF 999
29th Aug 2001, 12:45
K - Knickers
G - Gnome
p - phonetic

29th Aug 2001, 14:14
First world war saw the use of:

'A is for 'orses'
'Beef or mutton'
'C for yourself'

and so on.

There is a problem with the ICAO alphabet (Alfa, Bravo, Charlie) in that many of the words are far too short for poor radio conditions. 'Zulu' and 'Sierra' are examples. In other areas of communications, some still use words with longer syllabic redundancies, such as 'Zanzibar' and 'Portugal', with a great increase in readability and accuracy.

29th Aug 2001, 14:52
Bring back Able Baker Charlie Dog Easy Fox George How India (J?) King (L?) Mike Nan Oboe Peter Queen Roger Sugar (T?) Uncle (V?) Whisky X-ray Yoke Zebra.

Three things happen when you get older: The memory starts to fade and... I can't remember the other two.

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You want it when?
29th Aug 2001, 14:53
M - Michalmuss
U - Underdog
S - Sarf'end
I - I'm lost
C - Callyoulater

So our old friend - G-SSUC

Becomes Golf (whoops) Sarf'end Sarf'end Underdog Call-you-later with a request....

What fun this could be...

29th Aug 2001, 14:54
Hmm, interesting.

Radeng, if comms are so poor you can't hear "Sierra", can you really make out the digits of, say, a flight level? Seems to me that I need to be able to hear one-sylable words like "five" or "two", regardless of what phonetic alphabet I use?

Biscuit Chucker, what's all this TCAS stuff? Look out the window - if you can make out the colour of people's eyes, pull up - it's that easy!

There's a Tiger Moth that I've heard around White Waltham from time to time, I forget the full registration but it's G-??TE. Always calls up using full, correct callsign, but sometimes abbreviates it to "Tiger Echo". Not strictly legal, I know, but kinda cute....

Anyway, what is this, this is the second JB thread this week that's been aviation related!


Just an other number
29th Aug 2001, 19:21
OK guys

Pedants R Us love wordplay like this

1 Suggest some of you posters check back with post number 1 - what's wanted is NOT P = pull up; the thread is looking for "improvements" to the phonetic alphabet e.g. D - Djibouti.
2 How about P - pterodactyl.
3 And I'm really sorry to do this RADENG -'zanzibar' for 'zulu' may just possibly lead to an improvement in understanding for letter Z; but there must be serious reservations about whether 'Portugal" should replace 'Sierra' for the letter S!
Hasta la vista baby!!

29th Aug 2001, 20:22
BUMPFF, what about Ack, Beer...? Hence "Ack Ack" for anti-aircraft fire.

And radeng, my father taught me that one you mention, but I can't rememer all of it - can anyone help?

'ay for 'orses
Beef or Mutton
C for yourself
D for ential
Eve for Adam
F for vessence
G for crying out loud!
I for Novello
Jaffa oranges
L for leather
M for sis
N for lope
O for heavens' sake
Q for the flicks
R for mo
T for two
U for mism
Viva Zapata
W for your money
X for breakfast

29th Aug 2001, 21:27
In the marine world, where knowledge of English is far more restricted (theoretically, anyway) than aviation, numbers can be transmitted by using letters

'As a number, As a number, Alpha' for 'one', and so on, up to 'Zulu' for zero.

hardly leads to a snappy exchange with a busy ATC, though!

But under very poor HF conditions, the ICAO standard has been found somewhat lacking, and that's where longer words with greater syllabic redundancy are useful. Although 'L for Llanfairpwllgwyn...... etc' might be going a bit too far!!

I can't remember the 'A is for 'orses' one either.

Ella Valet
29th Aug 2001, 23:18
Re A for Orses

P for a whistle
S for you

And I thought it was C for sailors

29th Aug 2001, 23:38
K for Knife

30th Aug 2001, 06:33
J for Juan or , with heavy mexican accent ,Jesus.

31st Aug 2001, 19:12
R for *rse hole.
Oh no I'm repling to my own stuff , is this like talking to yourself I wonder.

31st Aug 2001, 19:22
O - OH SH!T :D

31st Aug 2001, 20:38
Well it took longer than I thought to get round to it, but since it's started, let's do it properly.

OK - I'll start:

A for Ar$ehole
B for B0llocks
C for C*nt
D for D!ckhead
E for Effing B*stard
F for ...

.... you get the idea

Four each should get us finished in no time

Prize for best 'Z'

Biggles Flies Undone
31st Aug 2001, 20:52
Z is for Xenophobe

You want it when?
31st Aug 2001, 21:19
F for F**kwit
G for Git
H for Heck
I for Idiot

Z for Zats my foot! :D

31st Aug 2001, 21:57
Ah yes, the rude alphabet, always a winner!!

J Juggs/Jip
K Knickers
L Lick
M Muff

Sorry........ :(

31st Aug 2001, 22:26
What about alphabets which use more than 26 characters? What do our chums who use the Cyrillic alphabet use phonetically?

1st Sep 2001, 06:51
Not strictly according to the first post but . . . it's amazing all the different phoenetics you get for "W" in the middle East - they really avoid the correct "NATO" one like the plague

(Black Label, Jim Beam, Scotch, Johhny Walker . . .)

1st Sep 2001, 13:41
H for Harlow
(As anyone from that part of Essex will tell you, the H is silent in 'arlow) :D

A for Antidisestablishmentarianism
(Is that long enough Radeng??? :D )

F for Photographer

2nd Sep 2001, 07:54

My Dad's (complete!) version is:

A for 'orses
B for mutton
C for 'thHighlanders
D for ential
E for brick at 'im
F for vessence
G for Police
H for consent
I for Novello
J for oranges
K for Restaurant (spoken as a question)
L for Leather
M for sis
N for mation
O for the Wings of a Dove
P for relief
Q for a bus
R for Askey
S for Rantzen
T for 2
U for me
V for La France
W for a quid
X for breakfast
Y for girlfriend
Z for winds (zephyr...)

How those long winter evenings must have flown by at those Canadian Flying Training Schools...

2nd Sep 2001, 13:08


2nd Sep 2001, 13:15
Somebody stop me


Four Seven Eleven
2nd Sep 2001, 13:28

A few additions and alternatives:

D for Kate
G for Police
I for an eye
K for Ansis
M for zeema
N for end/ N for delity
P for relief
R for Daily
S for Williams
V For La France

3rd Sep 2001, 03:21
Huggy How about

O for board

Cornish Jack
4th Sep 2001, 15:38
One correction and the missing phonetics.....
This, plus active memories of Argonaut passenger flying and Trident demo flight (as mentioned elsewhere in PPRUNE) and ...... I'm getting very, very OLD :eek:

4th Sep 2001, 18:11
OK here's WxJx's stab at it (based on the original!):

A. Alfalfa
B. Bravado
C. Cappuccino
D. Deltoid
E. Echoic
F. Foxtrotter
G. Golfbore
H. Hoteliers
I. Indianapolis
J. Julietta
K. Kilostream
L. Lima-rvin
M. Mikehunt
N. November (er, that'll have to stay in!)
O. Oscardelarenta
P. Papasgotabrandnewbag
Q. Quebecois
R. Romeover
S. Sierraghia
T. Tangoman
U. Uniformfetish
V. Victorvector
W. Whiskas
X. X-rayspex
Y. Septic Tank
Z. Zoologist

WxJx ;)

4th Sep 2001, 19:27
Hmm wasnt Y for Yankee ,

how about Y for Ytrium.
X for Xavier.

4th Sep 2001, 21:08

...is rhyming slang in the UK and Oz for a Yank...

WxJx ;)

6th Sep 2001, 00:32
"C "for highlander?

6th Sep 2001, 13:03
Once upon a time (very many years ago!) there was officially (I kid you not)

X for Xanthippe.

Cornish Jack
6th Sep 2001, 13:32
C for th'highlander......
There was once, (may still be) a Scottish regiment - The Seaforth Highlanders.

7th Sep 2001, 11:20

Thanks for giving Loki the gen. Perhaps they don't have too many Highlanders passing through Valhalla these days...

7th Sep 2001, 13:00
I believe the Seaforth Highlanders still exist, but at Company strength only, "regimental" base Stirling Castle.

7th Sep 2001, 13:20
That's the Argyll and Sutherland - remember Alec Guinness in "All the tunes of glory" ?

The Seaforth Highlanders had a territorial district that included the counties of Ross & Cromarty, Sutherland, Caithness, the Orkney Islands and Moray. They also had a Regimental Depot at Fort George, by Inverness, making their recruiting area one of the largest in the British Army.

In 1961 the Regiment was amalgamated with the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders to form "The Queen's Own Highlanders (Seaforth & Camerons)"

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8th Sep 2001, 02:24
I seem to have started something here, maybe we should open a thread on obscure/defunct British army regiments...how about 6th Gloucester Rifles?

Nil nos tremefacit
8th Sep 2001, 19:18
To the tune of Anthony Rowley;

H is for Harrier that sits on the ground,

"Heigh ho," says Rowley

And A is the *rsehole who flies it around,

"Heigh ho," says Anthony Rowley

R is for radar from 30 miles out,

"Heigh ho," says Rowley

And R is for ripshit that poles it about,

"Heigh ho," says Anthony Rowley

I is for INAS that twiddles and dumps,

"Heigh ho," says Rowley

E is for engine that clatters and thumps

"Heigh ho," says Anthony Rowley

R is for rescue from 20 miles out

"Heigh ho," says Rowley

And S is for SH that pulls the boys out

"Heigh ho," says Anthony Rowley

(Think that's nearly right - Gutersloh Happy Hours were great for that sort of song, but I was never sober by the time the Harrier baiting started.)

Of course there's:

A, I'm an Armourer

B, I'm an Armourer

C, I'm an Armourer too.

(Never learnt the rest, but then I was never an armourer.)

9th Sep 2001, 05:27
What about some place names.

A for Ampilatwatja
T for Tjukurla

9th Sep 2001, 05:47
so i guess it's W for merchant banker !!!