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5th Dec 2003, 09:14
From the collegues I've spoken with, and the mistake JetStar made with the email to applicants yesterday, devulging 'many' applicants email addresses to everyone, there is no shortage of people throwing their hat in the ring.

Taking away the 30 or so ex 1900 drivers awaiting a slot as it is, there wouldn't be any more than 70-90 people required surely?

Be interesting to see if any of the Dash 8 brothers/sisters get a look in, or if its like mainline, and wont poach from within. :ooh:

5th Dec 2003, 10:58
23 aircraft = approx 200 pilots.

how many pilots do impulse currently have on all types.

M Nitpak
5th Dec 2003, 12:17
If Impulse are able to crew Jetstar, why is the advertising going on ?

Sounds like a bit of a fishing expedition. Do they really want ex AN people ? Unless of course QF has directed that ex AN A320 type rated people be given a go. Training costs ?

23 aircraft would in reality mean up to 6 crews per aircraft to cover training etc, so that means about 276 pilots.

How many pilots currently in Impulse ?

Very curious :confused:

5th Dec 2003, 13:40
No -they want ME ME ME ME ME ME PICK ME!!!!

Sorry I couldn't resist.:E

luna landing
5th Dec 2003, 21:27
Guys, remember when Ansett went belly-up - QF and Virmin both 'came out' and said how they would 'give preference wherever possible to ex - AN employees for jobs as they became available. Look at Virgin's massive expansion - IT DIDN'T HAPPEN - GET REAL.... stop living with the pixies.

JETSTAR won't be any different. :*

rescue 1
8th Dec 2003, 07:13
5 crews per aircraft would be more realistic for a value based carrier - so more likely 230 pilots.