View Full Version : You've had too many snags when...

28th Aug 2001, 21:10
1) You know all the engineers by name
2) You know their wives' names, and how many kids they have
3) You look in the tech pages and all the entries are in your writing
4) Your aircraft technical knowledge is actually better than just after you came out of the exam, when everything then went into "autodump"
5) The engineers are waiting on stand for your arrival, despite you not asking Ops for them
6) You can't remember ever signing for "Nil Defects" - the best you hope for is "Nil Further"
7) You no longer need to look a defect up in the MEL - you already know the dispatch requirement, the operating and the engineering procedures
8) You know the difference between a Category B and a Category C deferred defect

gul dukat
28th Aug 2001, 22:07
SNAGS!! I thought you said SHAGS!!! when's that medical !! :rolleyes:

Token Bird
29th Aug 2001, 14:42
Is there such a thing as too many shags?



Biggles Flies Undone
29th Aug 2001, 15:07
There is if you ingest them ;)

29th Aug 2001, 18:35
This is getting silly - how on earth does one ingest a carpet??? :rolleyes:

Biggles Flies Undone
29th Aug 2001, 19:02
You'd better ask an Axminster Cormorant, Huggy :rolleyes: