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SLF 999
28th Aug 2001, 16:47
Following the thread about unsolicited phone calls, how do people deal with the Junk mail that comes through the letter box every day?

Personally if it has a prepaid envelope in it I take all the things that have been sent and post it back to them in their own envelope, at least they are paying twice for mailing me in the first place.

I also came across this site http://www.nomoreaolcds.com/ from a couple of people who want to take 1,000,000 (unsolicited) AOL CDs back to AOL headquarters and dump them on the doorstep.

Doctor Cruces
28th Aug 2001, 21:15
There is a system where you can elect not to get junk mail. If I remember correctly it is The Mail Preference something or other. Just dial 192 and ask for the number. There is also one for junk phone calls.

I used the mail one and it completely stopped junk mail, but it runs out after about 6 months and to be honest it was such a faff to get onto it that it is just as easy to ditch the junk.

Doc C. ;)

Howling Mad Murdock
28th Aug 2001, 22:19
just shoot the postman?!

29th Aug 2001, 03:40
Get a brick.

Wrap in some nice brown paper.

Paste the supplied Stamped, self addressed envelope to it.

Post it, gently.

They will be stuck for a brick's worth of postage.

30th Aug 2001, 19:11
Fantastic !

For once, I'm looking forward to getting some junk mail.

Bricks at the ready ... :D

You want it when?
30th Aug 2001, 19:49
Rollingthunder - multiple ROFL. This I have got to try, difficult to get one in post box but I've got some sheets of metal that are A4 size (why I haven't a clue).

Oh boy, I hope there is some junk mail waiting at home!

Jed A1
30th Aug 2001, 23:02
Junk mail is great in the winter for lighting my fire. I just stand there screwing it up, throwing it in the fire place. Add one bucket of coal, match and hey presto, fire. Every morning, guaranteed!

31st Aug 2001, 11:57
Make sure y'dont live in a smokeless zone Jed A1 :D :D :D

31st Aug 2001, 15:37
Send it back with "Deceased" scrawled across the address. You'll be pleasantly surprised how effective this is. The ultimate advantage of this is one day it will also be true!

1st Sep 2001, 03:08
Regarding AOL's mass mailings of their disks, I understand from a pretty knowlegable source that there is a system to their madness.

He says that disk will erase any other mail server you have and replace it with AOL, complete with all your address lists, etc. Now I know he's anti-AOL, but has anyone heard of this kind of cheap crap?

1st Sep 2001, 05:39
Jed A1,

Do you think that would work with junk email copy from "financial times.org" ?

(I hate keep getting that mail about "pre-assembled containerised factories for the 3rd World")