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28th Aug 2001, 02:13
Well it has finally happened the straw that broke the camels back.
I have had enough of prostituting my pure heart for rubbish jobs for which I am over qualified, just for experience. Before I end up doing something stooped, I have decided that it is time to take a life check.

It is time for a holiday and a change of direction. It is time for a ROAD TRIP!

In three weeks time when I have tied up all of my lose ends, paid bills and prepared my motorbike, I am going to ride overland to Dubai.

Once I am there I will visit my father while I look of work. I know that there is work there for me while I study for my ATPLs.

My intention is to spend several weeks seeing the places that I have always wanted to see out of uniform. I would really like to meet new people on the way and see the other side of Europe and Arabia. My intended route is
UK – France – Italy – Switzerland – Czech Rep. – Poland – Russia (L’vov, Kiev, Odessa) Romania – Bulgaria – Turkey – Syria – Jordan – Saudi Arabia and finally Dubai.

If you can help by giving advice on these countries – where to stay cheaply, fuel, where to avoid and where I must visit.

If there are any Ppruners out there who could offer me a meal and a bed for the night I promise not to over stay my welcome. It would be great to meet some of the others from JB and beyond. I have a bed in Peterborough and London so far!!!

Some of you may think that I am quite mad, but writing this has given me a new aim and put a spark back in my fire. I have been planning this for several months now and now the time is right. If you can help no matter how small then please do not hold back. Constructive criticism is always appreciated.

For those of you who think I should just keep plodding away at work…I may die tomorrow. Up and at ‘em.

Forever in Blue Jeans.


The Guvnor
28th Aug 2001, 15:31
Justin - excellent!! Go for it ... as they say, you only live once and if you don't take this opportunity you may well regret it for the rest of your life.

Very best of British!! :D :D :D

28th Aug 2001, 18:33
Before you set off make sure you can get a visa to transit Saudi Arabia. I worked there for a couple of years for Saudia. They are very strict about entry requirements. You can only go there if you have a sponsor and visiting them. Unless they have relaxed the rules you may have considerable difficulties.

:confused: :confused: :confused:

You want it when?
28th Aug 2001, 19:27
TrollyDollyLover (Justin) - go for it! I guess you've worked out your Wannabe question :) Can't offer you a bed (without checking in with control first) but unless your motorbike is 49cc moped you're unlikely to need a roof between Peterborough and London.

As a pal of mine put it - Its not a fu**in rehearsal - if you want it, and can get it, then take it. He's now time expired very prematurely - but a great bloke.

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29th Aug 2001, 01:27
Thanks for the encouragement. I have been thinking of the Saudi problem for a while and I belive that I may be able to get a transit visa. Hopefully.
Where there is a will there is a way.

If I dont do this I think that I will go stir crazy.

Please keep the info rlling in and any web sites.

29th Aug 2001, 15:32

I know two guys who did this journey in the opposite direction, Jeddah - Denmark, they had a blast and didnt encounter any major obstacles. However, they did live in Saudi and therefore had visas.

The visa requirements have changed, they were relaxed in an attempt to encourage tourism. But i dont think that they are ready for single guys on motorbikes!

You could try doing a search for the Harley dealer in Jeddah, they might be able to point you towards a Royal Harley owner who would sponsor you.

If you make it to Jeddah at the end of Oct, look me up.


Mutt :)

29th Aug 2001, 23:47
Mutt Thanks

I will try that, we will see what happens witht the tourist visa. I have dropped them a line.

2nd Sep 2001, 21:38
Good for you, wish I could go too. One minor point, I'm sure you're aware of but... you appear to include Kiev as Russian, but you'll need a Ukraine visa.
Have a ball.

4th Sep 2001, 01:08

Also, remember that Odessa is also Ukraine.

Watch out for the petrol in those commie countries. They'd like to stick you with 76 octane. A no, no, for a good bike.

Have a good trip.

5th Sep 2001, 02:52
Thank you one and all.

Mutt if you are in the Kingdom, then I thank you for your help. I must admit that the sponsor requirement is a bit of a sticking point at the moment.
However if the worst comes to the worst I may do a Steve McQueen from the Great Escape and cross the Desert a little further on. After all I am riding a BMW Funduro and they have the best record of wins in the Paris Dakar Rally. Although that will be a last resort. It will be exciting though!

Thanks for the tip Latvia. I remember an incident when we filled a van full of diesel in Romania when I was taking aid to an orphanage. The diesel (Or Water) froze in the tank. I had to put the van over a hexamine stove to melt the liquid so that I could then siphon the gunk out and refil it with kerosene. It probably wasnt that good for the engine. But it was -10deg and I had to get home for Christmas. Although my turkey did have a very refined taste!

Thanks again

And keep those tips coming in


5th Sep 2001, 15:19
Justin, best of luck. Dubai is a great place but why bother riding through the Ukraine? Ride through Hungary instead, you'll have a ball!

8th Sep 2001, 04:00
I am seriously thinking of giving the old USSR a miss. It will be too bloody cold by the time that I get there and hungary is definately a place that I want to visit... so stand by your beds,,,, the clock is ticking