View Full Version : and you thought Oz aviation reporting was bad.....

4th Dec 2003, 09:25
Maybe the air really is different in Nigeria!



4th Dec 2003, 11:27
Geeze, Slice, and we complain about NAS.........

"It was gathered that when the air cargo aligned to the control tower while it was 180,000 miles radius before it came down to the 90 miles radius required before it could land, it was notified of its safe landing.

An official that declined to have his name in print said, “What I can only say is that when we received the transmission that the aircraft was approaching, we connected to the control towers at our airport base and it was certified okay for it to decline to 90 miles radius before landing at the runway and we communicated back to the cockpit.”

Anyone got the vaguest idea what that media gem may be intended to mean???
:confused: :confused:

And read the last two paragraphs........... Maybe we should send them some Semaphore flags for Christmas?