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13th Dec 2001, 14:47
The explosives manufacturer started the prize as he felt guilty about all the people has had caused to be blown up . Has any one any modern examples of unlikely prizes that might be given by repentant manufacturers ?. The Mc Donalds nutrition award for instance .

Tricky Woo
13th Dec 2001, 15:09
Endless possibilities here. However, I have to be very careful not to upset the moral majority; especially as I seem to be in an amoral minority of one.

Ah well, tally ho...

The Doctor Harold Shipman Prize for Medical Care.

The Oscars Special Award for Original Film-making.

The Union Carbide Prize for Ecological Care.

The Joerg Haider Foundation for Jewish Studies.

The Tricky Woo Award for Diplomacy.

The Duke of Edinburg Award for Badly Equipped Kids Who Get F*cking Lost in the Lake District. (This one exists).


13th Dec 2001, 16:22
The Neil Hamilton Award Political probity, honesty, integrity and taste in public appearances

The Alan Titchmarsh Medal For increasing the variety and quality of television programming

The Michael O'Leary Scholarship Awarded to those who have provided most selfless benefit to aviation, particularly Wannabes and struggling inexperienced pilots

13th Dec 2001, 23:22
The Osama Bin Laden Award for Peace and Harmony in the Middle East

The Jo Moore Award for Effective Media Communication

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14th Dec 2001, 03:21
Yep, Vel, agree totally with yours - but I do think that the first could be jointly-named the Ariel Sharon / Osama Bin Laden Prize. After all, I would think they would both be proud of any contribution that increased the chances of an end to conflict! :eek:

14th Dec 2001, 04:34
Good point Huggy hon - and how about the

Old_Cross_Bound Award for Religious Tolerance ;)

14th Dec 2001, 05:12
I quite like Alan Titchmarsh's program. No, actually it's because of Charlie Dimmock.

Squawk 8888
16th Dec 2001, 08:29
Methinks the guilt story about Nobel is a myth, widge. The invention of dynamite saved the lives of thousands- before it came along demolition work was done with pure nitro :eek:

16th Dec 2001, 08:43
The British automotive industry award for quality control

The Arafat/Adams award for anti terrorist work

the german comedy awards

16th Dec 2001, 20:24
The Brit Awards

Nuff' said

Squawk 8888
17th Dec 2001, 06:54
The British Dentistry Hall of Fame.


17th Dec 2001, 17:36
"The Official Jet Blast Award for Threads the World Truly Needed"? ;)