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12th Dec 2001, 23:47
Bet you knew this anyway.

Bellybutton fluff more likely in older, hairy men: survey
Scientists have been doing a bit of navel gazing lately and it just goes to show, anything that can be studied, usually is.

The results of an ABC Science Online survey has revealed that older, hairy men are more likely to have fluff in their bellybutton.

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki says The Great Bellybutton Lint Survey also uncovered at least one theory, as to why the fluff, more often than not is blue.

"We think that it's because it's made of clothing fibres, which we proved with microscopy...and the clothing fibres are mostly blue.

"Like, even look at the clothes you wear, black is blue, green is blue, blue is blue, red is red, and white is white, but not many people wear red and white," Dr Kruszelnicki said.

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bubba zanetti
12th Dec 2001, 23:53
After a pint or nine , I like to dig into my "inny" and pull out a fresh wad of fluff. I roll it a little, to lengthen the burning time just a tad you see, then cast it ever so gracefully into one of the lit candles on the table. I usually accompany this with a little love spell or incantation .." el nathrat inbienbe toncherium..." ... it goes poof and ever so impresses the ladies.
My "Panty Remover" spell ... always works ...

I think however that study is off as I have large amounts of fluff and am not particularly hairy ...

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tony draper
13th Dec 2001, 00:11
Strange, I'm the only person I know that doesn't have a belly button. ;)

13th Dec 2001, 00:38
McDraper was from his mothership untimely ripped. ;)

Dave Incognito
13th Dec 2001, 04:04
Iíve been waiting for the conclusion of this study ever since it was sparked by a inquisitive caller on Dr. Karlís segment on JJJ.

Apparently they received hundreds of samples from willing volunteers.

I wonder what all the physics gurus will do with their time now that they have finished contemplating their navels? :p

13th Dec 2001, 04:22
No belly button, Draper? Are you related to a kangaroo? :eek:

tony draper
13th Dec 2001, 04:46
I understand hairy arsed folks such as the SAS and others of that ilk, use belly button fluff as a means of lighting fires when tinder and such is in short supply.
Perhaps thats why they turned Draper down when he offered to train them in the art of advanced running away. ;)