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bagpuss lives
27th Aug 2001, 21:30
From todays copy of said newspaper


Scare yourself silly before jetting off on holiday by visiting the Professional Pilots Rumour Network at www.pprune.org. (http://www.pprune.org.) this is the place where airline captains - admittedly some could easily be imposters - post comments about accidents, near misses and stupid passengers. Not for the faint hearted.

Hmmmmm makes me wonder about the impression people, or even "outsiders" have of these here hallowed pages?

At least they got the "imposters" bit in.

Can't say I've ever seen anything that has scared me silly. Apart from a few people that is :D

27th Aug 2001, 22:41
Suonds like Danny is putting his saucy ads in the personals column again :p

PPRuNe Towers
28th Aug 2001, 04:06
Put it down to silly season desperation to fill space. It was in the Guardian as well last week and the text was spookily similar to the pointer they published last year.

Honestly nothing to do with us - we're just a url that the press pass around to each other.

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bagpuss lives
28th Aug 2001, 14:18
Well any publicity is good publicity I suppose, although I'm not quite sure that the papers see this site in quite the manner it is intended tio be viewed. I'm sure though that those advertising here are more then happy with the media coverage we seem to be getting eh? :)

Being an ex-journo myself I aint in the slightest bit surprised that things "do the rounds" so to speak. It is a rather low news month after all - only a few wars breaking out in the Middle East, asylum seekers, Macedonia etc etc etc :p

I admit to ripping off my fair share of stuff from "other publications" during my stint - an odd word changed here and there and you'd never know :D

So - welcome to Pprune all of our new visitors :)