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John (Gary) Cooper
2nd Dec 2003, 22:34
The Purple Plain starring Gregory Peck made 1954 in Ceylon

How many of you recall this film? Perhaps someone has it on video/DVD, the film involved Gregory Peck crash landing his Mosquito.

What I would like to find out is what was the mark of the Mossie used, from what squadron (or mock up) was it from and the index number. I have been given a photo of a similar aircraft and I think it had a connection with this film as the RAF photo was taken on 26th January 1954 at RAF Negombo, Ceylon, 4 years before I did my stint there.

Many thanks in advance

3rd Dec 2003, 16:08

I too am old enough to remember it (tho' not first time round!).

According to IMDB (http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0047376/) , video only available in Canadian/German spec .... which I confess I don't understand.......

Tee H

3rd Dec 2003, 21:17

Can't help, but I do know that Sqn Ldr (then Master Pilot/Flt Sgt) Chick Kirkham (RIP), one time QFI extraordinaire at Valley, flew the said Mosquito in the making of the film.

John (Gary) Cooper
3rd Dec 2003, 22:33
Thank you both!

On the photo the index # is FP136, probably a spoof number for the film, as this number was supposedly registered to a Catalina flown from the States to Prestwick.

There are two underslung wing tanks, an astrodome, a cockpit window with a split frame, 4(?) machine guns mounted in the nose, there is no perspex nose cone and the nose area looks decidedly shabby for a RAF kite, perhaps this was being readied for a pranged scene for the film.

Apparently 81 PR Squadron from Singapore were still flying Mossies in 1954 a photo can be seen on Album No 6 RAF Katunayake/Negombo, photo number 60 at: