View Full Version : Can you believe this!!

beer bong
2nd Dec 2003, 05:04
Just been informed Airservices are increasing the cost of ERC H/L charts from $2.85 to a whopping $9.20 effective 1st Dec.

Work out how they can justify an increase of 345% for charts with less information thanks to the NAS crap.

Somebody please do something!!!!

2nd Dec 2003, 05:38
Ask AsA how they can justify the hike

Contact ACCC and ask them why they can get away with it

2nd Dec 2003, 06:19
This is the next part of the grand plan. Taking the radio requirements aaway is the first step. The next is to price maps out of the hands of players and leave only D!ck in the sky direct tracking away chuckling to himself as he tries to think of another idea to steal.