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tony draper
11th Dec 2001, 16:08
Amazing. ;) http://www.onzin.nl/3654/pictures/titanictoday.jpg

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11th Dec 2001, 16:36
There must be naughty pics in there Mr. D cos our SurfPatrol (or whatever the damn thing is called) won't let me access the site. Rats. :(

tony draper
11th Dec 2001, 17:08
Just a picky of Titanic lying on the sea bed Mr S., try copying it into your browser.
We don't seem to be able to post picks on this forum, one can hardly blame the Capt for that, no doubt there would be gigabytes of photocopied bums appearing if we could do so. ;)

11th Dec 2001, 17:57
Thanks for the tip Mr. D but sadly it didn't work. I'll just have to get a model of the Titanic, sink it in the garden pond and put my snorkel on to allow me to feel the full impact of the moment.

I'm sure pictures are allowed Mr. D. Didn't dingducky post a picture of her bountious chest whilst seeking information on some missing underwear?

tony draper
11th Dec 2001, 18:04
Don't think so, I posted it origionaly in a form that should show a image, but it didn't work, so I just posted the link, you can post picks on the other forums, because I've posted picks on the Military one. ;)

tony draper
11th Dec 2001, 18:10
Originally posted by jeroen:
King of the world!

Nah, still not working, mebbee I'v done something wrong.
I'll try posting it on the military forum,
I might get into trouble they can be a grumpy lot up there. ;)

Yup, works up there ok. :)

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11th Dec 2001, 18:33
Ta Mr. D. I'll march over there right now.

Ed Winchester
11th Dec 2001, 18:33
Oi draper,

What do you think you are playing at? I mosie on to the Mil Pilots forum hoping to find some more inane whinges about pay, the universe and everything - only to find you plastering pictures of sunken ships on it. Grrrrrrr, spit, fizzle.

Unless you've got a genuine gripe, a huge chip on your shoulder and you think the world owes you a living, don't be coming back upstairs. ;)

11th Dec 2001, 18:45
Well Mr. D, despite your best efforts, which sadly seem to have woken up at least one Mr. Angry in Mil Pilots (upsatirs indeed ), I still couldn't see the pic of the Titanic. Your link to the side scan shot of the B-17 worked and was very impressive. Not entirely sure it IS a B-17 though. Those engine nacelles don't look right and the nose is a tad pinnochio. Still it was a radar pic taken in deep water. ;)

Ed Winchester
11th Dec 2001, 19:25
Low and Slow

Sadly, the humour seems to have been lost on you. Let me translate:

Mr draper, thank you for the lovely picture. It beats the whinging claptrap that I normally have to fight through to get to anything worth looking at.

Tricky Woo
11th Dec 2001, 19:52
Right 'e are, Mister Winchester, sir. Right 'e are.

The likes o' us that be dwellin' down 'ere in Jet Blast be knowin' our places, thank 'e kindly. No' fo' the likes o' us to be hobnobbin' wi' the likes o' them fancy gentlemen what fly fo' the military. Any more o' that sort o' nonsense an' the common man'll be askin' fo' the vote next. Ain't natural, I tell yo'.

I watched tha' Titanic movin' picture at the Odeon durin' me annual day off. Me and my fellows were right shocked tha' a common ruffian fro' steerage managed to escape 'is rightful fate, when many a member o' the gentry were drowned in 'is place. It's weren't proper; them gates were locked fo' a good reason, I say. We were proper relieved to see 'im drowned in the end, mind. Not surprised tha' fat bird lived though. Enough meat on tha' lass to keep 'er warm in't water fo' many a day, by my reckoning.

Anyways, why's the common man suddenly so worried about health and such like? Wha's wrong wi' typhoid, rickets an' cholera, eh? It were right proper, in me father's day, to die a decent, dignified death when God an' nature intends. If it were right fo' 'im, it's right fo' the rest of us.

What's the world comin' to, I ask you.


12th Dec 2001, 08:25
I knew that Ed, just extracting the Michael :D

Ed Winchester
12th Dec 2001, 09:17

Aaahh, taking the michael out of me extracting the urine - that's where you confused me (which is easily done) :)

Tricky Wooooooo,

I shall be speaking to your employers, one day off a year is atrocious. How the bally heck do they expect to get their pound of flesh from you with such a generous holiday package. Now back to the grindstone, you workshy malingerer.

"Jeeves, bring the horseless carriage aroynd to the front, I shall be visiting the gentlemans club ce soir."

Toodle pip, baaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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