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11th Dec 2001, 00:11
Hi everybody!

Last week, I heard about a guy who is in love with a girl. And he has got a big problem, he will need our help! This is his story (in short):

That 19 year old boy (his name is Kai) has met this beautiful girl on a party, and he really loves her. The girl (18 years old, her name is Julia) is really attractive, but when Kai asked her for a serious partnership, Julia told him that there would never be more than friendship. Wow, that is hard! When he asked her what he could do to make her finally go to bed with him, she said: "Okay, I will have sex with you as soon as there are 111.111.111 people having visited your internet homepage!"
Now that's what I call a bitch! But anyways, this guy is really ambitious, and last week he was finally even guest in a german TV show, to advertise his big plan. I think we should all help this poor boy, so everybody who reads this should visit his homepage at least twice a day:

There are also some pictures of Julia and Kai on this site, so you can see whom you are helping when visiting that homepage. It is written in German, but even if you don't understand any German, so what, you can watch the pictures anyway. Up to now, 5.385.394 have visited Kai's homepage, so he will need LOTS of help...

I'm sure Kai would agree when I say: "Thanks for your support!"

ps: No, that guy is NOT me, and my name is not Kai. I don't know Kai personally, I have just watched his appearance on TV last week and want to support his plan. Of course, some people doubt that this story is true, they say he only wants us to visit his homepage. Anyways, I do believe him, I visit his site, and everybody who wants to support Kai's plan should do so, too.

The Guvnor
11th Dec 2001, 00:16
What a muppet! All he has to do is reset his counter to 111,111,111 and bob's your uncle!!

11th Dec 2001, 00:36
I hope he has some asprin, in case she desides to have a headache when the magic number is reached!
Not for her though .... it would be for his aching [email protected]! :rolleyes:

11th Dec 2001, 00:51
She is a nice piece though. Hope she works as good as she looks

11th Dec 2001, 20:49
The story I read was that he needed to get 111,111,111 hits rather than 111,111,111 visits.
As there are load of graphics on the site, it's a lot easier target to achieve. A "hit" is defined as being each time the server has been called to load a web page, "html or asp" or a graphical image. Also it depends on whether or not the server it's housed on is a Unix or NT server, as you could always turn off the reloading option on the counter so someone could sit there idly clicking on refresh and the counter will not increment.