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25th Aug 2001, 18:02
The Association of British Travel Agents reports that as many as 1.4 million folks will be jetting away somewhere for the bank holiday weekend.
If we say the average aircraft seats 200 that would mean 7,000 flights likely departing on Thurs and Fri. Any later and it would not be worth it. Are 7,000 flights to sun destinations out of the UK even possible over two days. Even assuming an average of 300 seats per aircraft that would mean 4,666 flights.

have a nice holiday.

25th Aug 2001, 19:03
MMM...I wouldn't mention Bank Holidays around Mrs Eagle at the moment.
I was supposed to have the whole weekend off from Friday until Tuesday, but thanks to a last minute shift change I'm now working Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon.
Mrs Eagle's sense of humour failure is compounded by the fact that I've worked every Bank Holiday for 2 years.
Anyone else recently heard the phrase, "When are you going to get a proper job?"

Doctor Cruces
27th Aug 2001, 12:12
Eagle 18th,

Been there, seen the film, got the tee shirt etc, doin' it AGAIN this year. It would be nice to gat a long week-end in with Mrs C just to see what it's like.

Sympathy all round.

Doc C.

27th Aug 2001, 19:04
Which Bank Holiday is this??

The one that doesn't exist in Scotland at all :(

28th Aug 2001, 14:24
Now Cally, I explained this to you last night. You've had your bank holiday, but it was at the beginning of August so, quite understandably, you've forgotten all about it by now.

Am I right in thinking that Scotland has one more public holiday then we do?