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10th Dec 2001, 18:44
Hi All!

In between e-mailing off for jobs, I've been looking at the 'creation vs evolution' thread in JB Archives. Can't pretend to understand all the highfalutin' issues involved - too much for simple swashy :D - but one thing sticks in my mind:

Creationists wanting to have thier theory taught in schools.

Now they may be right or they may be wrong, but frankly this looks like brainwashing to me... :eek:

But then again, you could say that about having evolution taught in schools.

Personally speaking, I am a bit dubious about any form of theory being presented to gullible youngsters as 'holy writ'. (nopun intended)

Maybe they should be taught:




...and how to find stuff out for themselves. Internet/Libraries etc.....

Or should they be taught this kind of stuff beacuse it's better for society that we all have the same sort of beliefs/values? Maybe this reduces conflict...? :eek:

What do you all think?

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10th Dec 2001, 18:58
Hey Swash - good luck on the jobs front mate.

I've always reckoned that the most important thing I learned at school was how to find stuff out for myself - mainly 'cos the teachers were not so hot :rolleyes:

Anyway, that, and the scientific method - i.e. don't believe everything they tell you, but figure it out for yourself - seems to have worked OK for nearly forty years.

Windy Militant
10th Dec 2001, 20:32
What Ho chaps!
Have a read of Terry Pratchets "Science of diskworld" puts an interesting slant on the whole world of science from how it's done to how it's taught/explained, to us the proles. ;)