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25th Aug 2001, 07:26
Here we go again. 'Fastest Thread to 100 Posts' had its plug pulled by dastardly Danny at 99 posts, which it reached in 34 hours 20 mins.
You know the rules.
Just as well, because I don't.


Kermit 180
25th Aug 2001, 08:41
Just to have the plug pulled at 98? Is it worth it?

Kerms :confused:

tony draper
25th Aug 2001, 12:32
I thought it had made it to 104, I think we may have had some judicious rewriting of history here.
It became a unthread. ;)

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25th Aug 2001, 14:07
Drapes, I was there last night when it stood at 102 - so you're right; they can't rewrite the history books ...

... ooo-er - unless they eliminate the inconvenient witnesses. Looks like we need some protection td :eek:

Anyway, congrats TW - I'm ashamed to say that I almost lost faith midway through, but we came good in the end...

25th Aug 2001, 14:11
What's the big deal with a mere 100 posts anyway ?

Anyone else remember the good old days - when Limericks and Mornington Crescent made it to 100 pages...

Ahhh, how short the memory...

Tricky Woo
25th Aug 2001, 17:14
I also noted with satisfaction that we'd reached 102 posts. Never realised that Uncle Danny had revisionist tendencies.

My guess is that once Uncle Danny has bought his brand new turbo-f**ker server, with go-faster stripes, he'll stop closing the threads so early.

He may even stop accusing us all of being tight-wads, which is a bit rich seeing as quite a few of us have (ahem) invested in this new facility. I wonder if he's offered this service to the general riff-raff that haunt his other forums?


25th Aug 2001, 17:25
This is not a board game folks.

So, TW, have you actually chosen "Victim of a Blackmailing Scouser" as your secondary tag? :rolleyes: