View Full Version : Flight of the Condor

1st Dec 2003, 16:19
I'm trying to get some info as to the whereabouts of a glider I last saw four or five years ago.

Called the "Manuel Condor";

If this machine will let me finish;;;;

Called the "Manuel Condor, it had a plank wing, mounted on a pylon above a short, broad fuselage. V struts either side from the wings to the bottom of the fuselage. Tubular steel empennage runs from rear of fuselage to outboard ends of tailplane c/w LARGE elevators plus a big single fin and rudder mounted above and below the tailplane. Side-by-side seating and, as I recall, you needed a set of steps to access the cockpit.

I last saw this creation some five or six years ago at Lasham and was wondering if it were still lurking somewhere. I've tried some of the Gliding forums for info, but to no avail.

Anyone seen this thing sulking at the back of a hangar or shed somewhere? Or, better still, flying?


1st Dec 2003, 17:12
Last I heard it was at Booker (Wycombe Air Park).