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1st Dec 2003, 16:07


Love these Fosters engine cowlings :p


Backpackers take to the air

A smiley face painted on the nose and Fosters beer cans for engines, might not seem like a serious attempt to get an airline off the ground, but for Backpacker Xpress, it’s just the way their passengers want to fly.

Backpacker Xpress will begin flights for the under-30 independent traveller from the United Kingdom to Melbourne in autumn of 2004. This new entrant to the airline industry is based on low cost business models pioneered by budget airlines Ryan Air and Southwest, offering no-frills international airfares.

Glen Millen, Managing Director of Backpacker Xpress runs the start up airline from his hometown Brisbane, but says that Melbourne is the place, from which most under-30 UK travellers want to start their Australian vacations.

“Our market research into the backpacker market came back with Melbourne as the initial target destination because of the success of a number of Aussie pop stars including Kylie Minogue and the hit show Secret Life of Us”, said Mr Millen.

Melbourne Airport and the Victorian Government have been very supportive in locking in the airline, according to Mr Millen and this is due to their focus on attracting the backpacker to their destination.

At start up, there will be a 50/50 share between youth market travel agencies and online booking for Backpacker Xpress tickets. Mr Millen believes that his target market of tertiary and post tertiary students is well versed in online purchasing and researching the destinations they wish to travel.

“While we have engaged some traditional agent networks in selling our travel products, all current trends show that booking online is become extremely popular due to the cost saving for both the consumer and airline”, said Mr Millen.

Backpacker Xpress is currently working with other carriers to offer air routes from Melbourne to other Australian destinations. The major focus will be toward the regional areas of Australia, which backpackers are keen to explore.