View Full Version : Help, I'm being stalked by Tony Draper...

25th Aug 2001, 04:31
As you'll all have noticed, :rolleyes: I've been away for a week.

I was having a lovely time in a 15th Century thatched cottage in a hamlet in Somerset which hadn't even heard of the internet, let alone Pprune.

But, as I drove through a lovely village called Combe Martin, a sign leapt out at me.

"Drapers Close" it said. :eek: :eek:

I could hear the "Psycho" music as clearly as if the leaders of all the orchestras in the world had decided to practice the theme at that very second.

I looked around, saw there was nobody THAT odd looking and calmed down with the Guardian.

Oddly enough, it happened to mention Pprune. In the "probably best to look at this one after you've come back from your holidays...discussions of accidents...near misses...pay disputes etc" vein.

I briefly thought of Draper, but put him from my mind.

Until I did the crossword :eek: :eek:

24 across - "Shopkeeper and medic admitting violation (6)
Medic = DR
Violation = RAPE

DRAPER :eek: :eek: :eek:

Velvet, where did Gerund go after being threatened with the friendship hook? Is there a place for another?

I'm in Hiding at the moment, (that's the village just west of Incognito and east of Incommunicado (thanks to Victor Lewis-Smith for the joke)), please come and rescue me.

25th Aug 2001, 04:50
You're probably right. I understand there are several CCTV cameras in Hiding and everywhere else.

25th Aug 2001, 11:19

You weren't staying in "The Old Cottage" in West Chinuk, by any chance?

tony draper
25th Aug 2001, 12:27
Lots of us Drapers in zumerzet Mr Eric,
lots of us all over the shop, we have one on the telly now, and one of us working for number ten, luckily that one was rumbled before he did to much damage. :)

26th Aug 2001, 02:38
Victor Lewis-Smith? Thats the nutter that does the TV reviews in the Evening Standard isnt it??? Has me creased up on the train in the evenings. But I digress.....

A2 ;)