View Full Version : DHL Strike ?

1st Dec 2003, 04:27
Noticed a few weeks ago a thread about DHL Pilots going on strike 1/12/03.........is there any DHL Staff info on this situation?
We use DHL on a daily basis but are not happy about the way DHL employees are being treated!
The company I work for has already contacted our local DHL office about this. The courier driver for DHL is exellent & I know the aircrew are. We can't understand why they are treating the staff this way.......



1st Dec 2003, 04:39
It would appear that this is the case. Certainly the aircrew are very unhappy with the get out if you dont like it attitude. This was recently highlighted with the Iraq flights. Crew were on normal pay, no danger money or additional benefits. If you were killed in action you got a lump sum payout to your family of just 400,000 euros. DHL is rapidly becoming a slavery type operation. I have heard a strike being planned (in Belgium and the UK) for the Christmas season in order to improve the attitude at the company and of course the employee benefits. It remains to be seen if this is true. I am a middle manager in one of the hubs in continental Europe so I feel I can speak with authority. The company certainly seems to have lost its way and it is a shame. It's not the same as when I joined.

1st Dec 2003, 04:55
Can't see ANY of the UK pilots supporting a strike what so ever. To clarify, whilst many support the recent attempts tp improve our "lot", I think many would fear for the longevity of our company if such action were to be taken.

Additionally, I doubt their is enough cohesion in the ranks to get a strike going. Also, it would be unofficial "wildcat" action as we are NOT unionised.

The email was a joke publication in my opinion, which has backfired already.

I won't walk out, as whilst things are not great, there are worse jobs out there. And I need to pay my mortgage.