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1st Dec 2003, 04:16
I understand from reading the AIPA friday update and talking to a committee member that the towel has been thrown in on LWA issue.

Accordingly, I will be keeping track of all Impulse pilots who undertake B737 or A320 training for the LWAand will be posting their names to a website (similar to Alex Petersons) to ensure that thier act of bastardry is available for access by the worldwide aviation community.

Thier names will also be passed to IFALPA for the scab data base they keep.

regards to all


Pimp Daddy
1st Dec 2003, 04:30
Why? Who's going on strike?

Pete Conrad
1st Dec 2003, 04:41
Geez I hope QF wake up and see what a liability these clowns are. Get rid of them and start greenfields with experienced pilots.

Douglas Mcdonnell
1st Dec 2003, 04:45
Good on you Fart boy. I guess youd better post a list of Australian guys who were taken into the QF system as well. Same situation. Its your company that is shafting you not another group of pilots.

A lovely spin from management that ( no doubt as they expected) mainline drivers swallowed hook, line and sinker.

Thank christ you are in Europe. Their is no place for the likes of you in Australia.

Enjoy Winter DM

P S Gday uncle pete, ive missed your insightful comments recently. Are you OK?

Pete Conrad
1st Dec 2003, 04:51
I'm just doen fine and dandy DM. What about yourself? still walking around holding hands with thumpa dancing tippy toes with twinkle toes thumpy through the tulips.

1st Dec 2003, 04:53
Oh dear, here we go again.

Alright, fartsock, before making such an effort to besmirch the names and perhaps careers of those who have literally done nothing to you let me just draw your attention to a few home truths:

1) Pilots, be they Impulse, Virgin, Eva, Cathay or yes, EVEN Qantas, just fly the planes. They do not make strategic business decisions nor have they ever had that capacity. Check out the conditions they were hired under: they were hired to fly the planes.

2) What does the word "Scab" mean? It refers to a person who either crosses a picket-line and/or REPLACES the previous incumbent of a position. In this case (and bear in mind no announcement has been made yet - for those who haven't got access to AIPA, are you telling us all that Impulse will crew the LCC, fartsock?) those crewing the LCC are NOT crossing a picket-line, and no-one at Qantas mainline is losing their job. So the LCC pilots can hardly be "replacing" them, can they?

Therefore, by extension, how can they be scabs?

3) Have a close look at Mr. Paterson's "Scab List". Count how many of those men and women are still flying today - most of them, I think you'll find. Some, ironically enough, for Qantas mainline (and in quite senior positions). This brings me to make two points:
a) It's a bit hypocritical to put one group of people on a "Scab List" because you reckon they've done the "wrong" thing by another group when that second group itself contains many people from the first "Scab List". Robbing Peter to pay Paul, by your own logic.
b) Most people on that first list are still flying. So the list didn't really achieve its desired effect, did it?

I have no real alleigance in this issue, other than to the cause of moderation. We're all supposed to be professionals on this site (even if it is a "rumour" network:hmm: ) so how about we all try to minimise the emotive name-calling and career-threatening and look at this situation for what it is. An unavoidable by-product of an increasingly ruthless and financially driven world.

No-one ever said it was going to be fair either.

1st Dec 2003, 05:03

I hope you put up a list of every Qantas pilot who agreed to fly a B767 on FAR LESS than their AN counterparts, thus undermining the pay and conditions of the entire industry, not to mention every AIPA member who accepted a B-scale for your 737 operation.

You are a fool.

Douglas Mcdonnell
1st Dec 2003, 05:06
The sad thing is that this could have all been avoided if a certain QF pilots union had shown a little more interest in Pulse blokes, then a united front could have been put forward.

In the wash up, no matter who crews the LWA one fact will remain. Your own arrogance has bitten you all in the a$$. You cant treat people like [email protected] for ever and not have it effect you at some time in the future.

As Flying gins said blaming pilots for management decisions is a childish and unrealistic veiw of the world. Commercial realities dictate what happens in a buisness. You guys are not working in a sheltered workshop afterall.

1st Dec 2003, 05:09

what outcome would you have preferred to see.

Pete Conrad
1st Dec 2003, 05:30
DM - the QF mainline drivers may have arrogance as you put it, but they are out to protect their conditions. As you so arrogantly put it from the "pulse" way of life, you say that the QF arrogance has bitten them all in the a$$??? - well, thats a joke compared to what you prostitutes have done.

One can only hope that your flagrant prostitution and willingness to undercut at all costs and drive conditions for pilots even further down the tube will eventually come back and bite you "pulse" fools in the a$$.

Like I said, you give a GA operator jets and they suddenly become the well spring of Australian aviation overnight.

1st Dec 2003, 05:35
You won't be posting them on this website.

The rest of you kiddies: wake up to yourselves :mad: