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Tricky Woo
23rd Aug 2001, 16:03
I noted with a minor degree of crowing satisfaction that the 'Digress here...' thread reached 100 posts in a paltry 39 hours and 3 minutes. This soundly trounced Herr Draper's 'Guess the film' thread, which took a languid 65 hours and 6 minutes to achieve the same total.

Just wondered if anyone wanted to use this thread to break the record?


23rd Aug 2001, 16:18
Even with flood control you could do it all by yourself in 7.5 hours.... ;)

Onan the Clumsy
23rd Aug 2001, 16:35
That wouldn't count though. It'd be like [email protected]

23rd Aug 2001, 16:46
OK I'll help...

23rd Aug 2001, 16:56
Unlike SLF, I have no desire to help TW [email protected] Sorry TW!


23rd Aug 2001, 16:57
If you digress from digressing, where does that leave you

23rd Aug 2001, 17:01
shall we pick a topic
or should i just start bitchin and moaning about my pathetic so called life :p

23rd Aug 2001, 17:02
Do I come here often?? :confused:

Capt PPRuNe
23rd Aug 2001, 17:09
Man-on-the-fence, that all depend on whether you are doing what Onan the Clumsy is on about! :eek:

Gimme a break you lot! :( If you are trying to see if you can break the server with all these long posts at least have the decency to fork out for a cherished, Personal Title so I can afford to get the server serviced and patched up to sope with all this extra work you are so kindly loading on to it. What a bunch of [email protected]!

23rd Aug 2001, 17:16
Capt Sir

Do I look like a Chinaman ??? :rolleyes:

Cant afford a personal number plate thingy but I will buy a T-Shirt, something more for Mrs Fence to iron.

23rd Aug 2001, 17:30
I thought the title was fitting, for to our companies, most of us are indeed:
"just another number" .... :D

Can we pay to have a title added to SOMEONE ELSES name? I have one in particular ....
(Could become a bidding war to title that person)

Oh, if one is doing nothing all day long, how does one know when they are through?

[ 23 August 2001: Message edited by: RW-1 ]

[ 23 August 2001: Message edited by: RW-1 ]

23rd Aug 2001, 17:43
Capt. PPRuNe, Sir,

Just out of interest, is the "just another number" thing permanent? Ok, I know nothing is permanent, because you can (and will) change it on a whim!

But I'd hate to pay for "NOT just another number", only to find that the day after the money comes out of my account, everyone else goes back to PPRuNe Line Training and my hard-earned dosh is wasted on an irrelevant title.....


Capt PPRuNe
23rd Aug 2001, 17:51
Not too sure about that RW-1... may infringe some peoples civil liberties or summit? :confused: I mean... I could give you one for free that you don't like and then you would have to pay me to remove it!!! :eek: ;)

Capt PPRuNe
23rd Aug 2001, 17:54
FFF, you can have a Personal Title AND keep the whimsical ones too... see? :D

I'd rather
23rd Aug 2001, 18:05
Velvet, I think you end up back on the subject of the thread....er

my head hurts now

23rd Aug 2001, 18:28
I think i see a pattern to getting a title.
You just whinge alot and then you get a free one!
If that is indeed the case...

I hate everyone, especially #1 and he smells...alot! :mad:

(sorry) ;)

23rd Aug 2001, 18:30
[email protected] certainly got off to a flying start - for a moment I dared to dream, but we ran out of motivation towards the end... :(

Well, saved me from having to say: "suck on this, draper!" - which could have been misinterpreted to say the least...

Biggles Flies Undone
23rd Aug 2001, 18:35
Just thought I'd warn you guys what can happen if you wind His Airship up :D


23rd Aug 2001, 18:41
Thats my plan. ;)
Im gonna wind the ****ing ****er up so ****ing much the ****ing **** gives me a ****ing name! I dont give a **** what it is.

I am not a number....... :mad:


You want it when?
23rd Aug 2001, 18:44
Biggles - and there was me thinking you'd put in $80 to PPRuNe :D

23rd Aug 2001, 18:57
Hey keep your hands off my ****ing moniker - I just sent off twenty quid for badges.

On second thoughts - 'PPRuNe Hero' would go down rather nicely...

Tricky Woo
23rd Aug 2001, 19:01
Post count is going well, I see.

You want it when?
23rd Aug 2001, 19:05
TW - in four you go a thousand.... me just a lowly player at 200.

Don D Cake
23rd Aug 2001, 19:06
I'm sorry but I'm too busy at the moment to help with the post count on this thread. Maybe the next one then....

Hagbard the Amateur
23rd Aug 2001, 19:32

tony draper
23rd Aug 2001, 19:40
Draper shall purchase one of these badges,it will have to dwell in a small glass case on my bookshelve though.
Because of the nature of my employment I am forbiden to wear anything that may identify me or connect me in anyway to the organisation I do err, contract work for. ;)

TAF Oscar
23rd Aug 2001, 22:34

tony draper
23rd Aug 2001, 22:53
Huh!, you must think Draper just got off a banana boat Mr O,you gotta get up early in the afternoon to catch Draper out.

Tricky Woo
23rd Aug 2001, 23:09
Nuff said, huh?

23rd Aug 2001, 23:34
I am a helpful little soul, so will post here if it helps you Tricky!

:D :D :D

24th Aug 2001, 00:51
Tricky Woo,

Wait a minute. I'm gone for a week and you've raised your posting count from about 400+ to 1,000+. God, man, did you get any sleep at all? Or did you pay off that flying pig big bucks to raise your status? At the end of the day, as the Brits say, bribes work.

I also hope you get the T-shirt, the cap, the badge, the key chain, the personalized ID card for the luggage (that's a good idea), and the personalized member number. How about a package deal for $99.99, postage and handling extra.


24th Aug 2001, 00:57
What an utter nonsense. I am not going to contribute to this thread.


24th Aug 2001, 01:04
hi, my name is Dan

24th Aug 2001, 01:08
This is never gonna make it :rolleyes:

24th Aug 2001, 01:11
I saw a pig get its throat cut on a holiday in Kos. The kebabs were very tasty

tony draper
24th Aug 2001, 01:14
Dan dan dandan, there's a thousand stories in the naked city, this has not been one of them.

24th Aug 2001, 01:19
Ok guys and gals, lets all face it Tricks has lost the plot!!! Yeh, Ok up until about 3 / 4 weeks ago we would get the occasional gem from him, full of wit and sarcasm as a result of his spending too much time with "les petites Suisses" and this we could all comprehend and maybe even accept.

But now - well what are we to do - out Tricks has gone into 6th gear and his fingers are working overtime. Come on Tricks, slow down a bit and take plenty of anti-pprune juice to recover...

oh and btw how many is that now??? :eek:

24th Aug 2001, 01:19

24th Aug 2001, 01:23
well, i hold no responsibility of what happens to this thread BUT..

Never fear, EGGD is here

24th Aug 2001, 01:27
It's that time of night - I need a beer !!!

Gonna be a close call this one TW...

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Bio Warrior
24th Aug 2001, 01:46
Wanders in looks around and curls up in a corner for a nap

24th Aug 2001, 02:32
"...Me gustas colombiana..Me gustas TU.....Me gustas la noche...Me Gustas Tu...."


24th Aug 2001, 02:58
hello evrybody

its the pigs!

24th Aug 2001, 03:31

24th Aug 2001, 05:19
back to the topic of the personal titles
so what do i have to do to get a free one?
i thought i already bitched and moaned :p
just doesn't seem to work for me. its like when i tried to get my name in a different colour in chat like some people have. i asked what who i would have to sleep with to get my name in green (my fav colour) and i even had the jessica rabbit icon at the time!
didn't work :(
but last time i saw danny in chat i noticed that he had his name in green, i wonder if he does this to show that he can and i can't
how cruel! :(

24th Aug 2001, 12:34
How do you even get a paid-for personal title? I think I missed that one.

Oh, and I'll help the cause also.

Fred Basset
24th Aug 2001, 13:12
I don't think we will make 100 posts in 24hours,
A whole thread about nothing, Seinfeld was like that,
Guess this post might get us to 100 eventually

24th Aug 2001, 13:23
It all started off so well yesterday but its just slowed down. Dont reacon we'll make it in 24hrs. but if everyone writes in saying this..... ;)

Edited 'cause them English GCSEs must have been getting easier.....

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Tricky Woo
24th Aug 2001, 13:31
I stupidly took the time to read some of the posts on this thread. I noticed that that scoundrel Arrow2 is accusing me of having lost the plot of late. Utter bollocks, obviously.

I will admit that the onset of the P1K barrier may have increased the flow of my postings of late. What I won't believe is that the quality of my posts has varied in any way. An easy guarantee, seeing as the quality is horrifically low, in any case.

Please read the exchange between myself and Herr Draper encapsulated in the 'Best Job' thread, and then tell me whether you think that the infamously evil-humoured TW is flagging or not.

TW (indignant)

tony draper
24th Aug 2001, 14:00
Hmmm, I wonder if being decapitated hurts more than being hung, :confused:

Tricky Woo
24th Aug 2001, 14:21
I'll have a think.


biggles mate
24th Aug 2001, 14:25
Mr Draper
ME thinks one can be well hung, but can one be well decapitated?????????????? :D :D :D

Token Bird
24th Aug 2001, 14:48
Where does one purchase anti-PPRuNe juice?

Does anyone else dream of giant bathroom sinks and service elevators, or is that just me?

Biggles Flies Undone
24th Aug 2001, 14:54
It's just you :p

biggles mate
24th Aug 2001, 15:09
I dreamt about a gaint garlic one with segments as large grapfriut..What does this mean???????????? ;) :D :rolleyes:

24th Aug 2001, 15:42
100 posts in 100 hours at this rate!!!

:p :p :p

24th Aug 2001, 16:06
Tricks, have just read the "Tortoise" exchange with Herr Draper and, OK, you are fully redeemed in my eyes! You must understand that my earlier posting was purely driven by a fraternal concern for your health - we don't want you suffering from RSI now do we!


Kermit 180
24th Aug 2001, 16:17
Why not, its for charity :D


Biggles Flies Undone
24th Aug 2001, 16:23
Oi! Mate of mine! it means you've got dog's breath big time! :D

Kermit 180
24th Aug 2001, 16:23
But then again it could be because of a lethal combination of extreme boredom and pprune addiction?

Kerms :confused:

Just an other number
24th Aug 2001, 18:02
100 posts in 24 hours is now down the toilet. Lets aim for 62.
At least I got a personalized number plate now.

Just an other number
24th Aug 2001, 18:07
I will, I will, get this to the top

I'd rather
24th Aug 2001, 19:26
C'mon guys, we know that we're not just another number, don't we? Just cos Evil Danny says it, don't mean we have to believe it...Stand up for your true status! Fight for what you believe in!


24th Aug 2001, 19:48
Once more to the top...

24th Aug 2001, 19:48
Once more to the top...

24th Aug 2001, 19:50
Hey, it would appear that you can click <Add Reply> three times in succession before flood control kicks in. Is this cheating? ;)

24th Aug 2001, 20:47
Er, hello? I saw your card. Is that Madam Whiplash?.. Oh S*** regressing to last nihgt again. Ech-hum. Oh Digressing, I thought you siad regressing. Oh what the hell am I on about now? :rolleyes:

24th Aug 2001, 20:51
Hello, again. Just ignore whatever it was I've just said. Right. Bye

24th Aug 2001, 20:54
Where is every body? Just doing my bit. getting my posts up as well.
Damb! Just got a Flood Control Message through! :mad: Never mind, I'll just talk to myself for a while. Try again.. :p

24th Aug 2001, 21:03
How many more posts do I have to do before I'm no longer 'Just another Number?'

24th Aug 2001, 21:04
Looks like your temp as well Capt.

Chill dude, we'll get there ...

24th Aug 2001, 21:10
Hey, I'm chilled. :cool: Just realised though I've obviously got too much time on my hands. :confused: Thats not true, so I'm off now. Odne what I can, and it looks like we are going to get there. See ya! :p

Tricky Woo
24th Aug 2001, 22:53
Unlikely to beat the record as we only have until 3:00am (Zulu) tonight.

Very disappointing after all this hard work.


tony draper
24th Aug 2001, 22:55
Well its a bit like climbing Everest Mr W, once its been done, and all that jazz. ;)

24th Aug 2001, 22:57
+1 :)

24th Aug 2001, 23:08
We think we can, we think we can ...

Must ... keep ... positive .. attitude ....

24th Aug 2001, 23:12
Ooo-er it's all looking a bit touch and go.

Time to fall on your sword, Tricks ?

Aaaaargghh ! Bloodey flood control :rolleyes:

24th Aug 2001, 23:17
Slowing down.... another added

Wile E. Coyote
24th Aug 2001, 23:22
Will PPRuNe management close this thread before it reaches 100 posts? :eek:

24th Aug 2001, 23:37
Muhahahahaha, another added ....

Look up top and praise the oven mitt !

tony draper
24th Aug 2001, 23:54
just had a strawberry tart, hmmmm,been saving it all day, :)

24th Aug 2001, 23:59
...and I've nearly finished my packing 'cos I'm off on my hols tomorrow.... :D

Tricky Woo
25th Aug 2001, 00:06

We IT consultants usually get other people to fall on swords on our behalf. Why bark when you've got a wee puppy to do it for you?


tony draper
25th Aug 2001, 00:11
Had the Peach Melba earlier today,
why is life so complicated ,I hate having to make desisions like that,Peach melba?Strawberry Tart?,
Had I eaten the strawberry tart first, the entire space time continum would be different tonight.
Frightening isn't it. :(

25th Aug 2001, 00:27
Only 12 to go.... Keep 'em coming folks !

The suspense is killing me....

25th Aug 2001, 00:33
so close too

[ 24 August 2001: Message edited by: MisNomer ]

Tricky Woo
25th Aug 2001, 00:36
I'm a bit concerned that the pressure to reach 100 posts may disrupt the natural rhythm of this thread.


Hagbard the Amateur
25th Aug 2001, 00:52
Cue bossanova percussion counterpointed with drum and bass break beat fills.
I digress - green platano soup and sardinas a la plancha... Sorry, wrong thread :D

25th Aug 2001, 00:56
9 and counting......

Hagbard the Amateur
25th Aug 2001, 01:07

25th Aug 2001, 01:09
Seven ( or 0110 for you binary types ....)

tony draper
25th Aug 2001, 01:12
On the other hand nothing may have changed, my new theory on temporal inertia, will explain all this when I have dotted the I's and crossed the tee's as it were, one has to be careful here, that bounder Hawking scans my every word, he won't do it again to me,just a hint and the electro voiced plagerising git will have a coffeee table book out again claiming my work as his own.

You want it when?
25th Aug 2001, 01:31
Wonderful wonderful, Copenhargen Dazz, no it's Fleurie, SHHtill great. Drunk in charge of a computer. 3 posts to go... ;)

Hagbard the Amateur
25th Aug 2001, 01:36
Glideslope? What's that???
Runway in sight...

25th Aug 2001, 01:36
About being hung or decapitated ;

Well , from a certain point of view ,if you want a "painless" death between these two types , you should go to decapitation.
Also decapitation provides some last minute entertainment for your self (if you are willing to get more out of your death experience). You see, your head is,hopefully, separated out instantly by the guillotine (the method of choice here) you still (or your brain..more precisely) have all that blood trapped and I don't need to say what the TUC (time of useful conscience) is. So all you need is to arrange with your executor that he immediately pick your head so you can see your body laying down there. This can't be done when your hung (not in a still physically mode..). So you can see for your self how you really were. Not the image on the mirror. Or a photo...or video..

Of course...accidents can happen..even in the time of death. If the executioner puts the rope in a wrong way around your neck...it will be a VERY painful way to go away. The bright side : you can still exercise your self (debating) before you go definitely away!
And if you don't use a guillotine...the executioner may not put too much energy on the axe and..oops half job done. You'll die for sure...but with some big neck pain.

All said....I think I am going back to my grave.... :p :cool: :eek:

[ 24 August 2001: Message edited by: AeroBoero ]

25th Aug 2001, 01:37

25th Aug 2001, 01:40
It made it.......

Now..if wasn't for flood control.. :rolleyes: :D I could have be the first to say that :(

Correction...I am the first to say it!!
:D :D

Now what more can we do?

[ 24 August 2001: Message edited by: AeroBoero ]

tony draper
25th Aug 2001, 01:41
Come Robin, our work here is done.

Capt PPRuNe
25th Aug 2001, 02:23
Oh no you didn't! This thread stays closed at 99 posts until some of you [email protected] fork out for a Personal Title to pay for the new server I'm going to need with all these 100 thread posts which just clog up the system. :confused:

Go on... Hop to http://www.pprune.org/ptorder/ptorder.htm and fork out for a cherished name and help pay for the new server I'm going to need really soon!!!

Bar Stewards! :p