View Full Version : THE ASHES 2

24th Aug 2001, 19:32
Jesus, is there no stopping them..?
568-4 now and playing some fantastic cricket.....

24th Aug 2001, 19:49
Lulling them into a false sense of security, old bean. I'm sure that's what Nasser is thinking. Having Ramprakash and Afzaal bowling must be tactics, not desperation... :)

25th Aug 2001, 03:22
Steve Waugh for Oz PM,or maybe El Presidente?

25th Aug 2001, 05:27
Rapide, Steve Waugh is too intelligent and has too much moral fibre to be a politician.

As for El Presidento - NO ! we have already had the Republican debate and we won! I am very patriotic but long live the Queen and the monarchy down here in Oz.

25th Aug 2001, 10:22
Whiskery... :eek:

Red... ya mean to say that we're STILL going? I thought we declared? :confused: Maybe Steve Waugh wants us to bat all the way to that 1,000 runs after all! :D

Bring back Phil Tuffnell... he won't make much difference to the side, but always good for a laugh! ;)

25th Aug 2001, 15:16
Tuffers? We did, he didn't and the only people laughing were the batsmen.... :(

26th Aug 2001, 07:06
Over 1000 runs in three days! Shame on the curator. This game is headed for a draw, but the final result reads for an interesting series.

Australia WON 3 LOST 1 DREW 1

Great effort by England considering:-

1. Most bookies had it priced for a whitewash to Australia.
2. The contest was between the best team in the competition playing one of the lowest rated teams.
3. The weather played no significant part in any of the results.

Gash Handlin
26th Aug 2001, 18:17
I assume the William Hill advert which appears intermittently at the bottom of this page offering odds on England -v- Australia in the ashes is some sick joke on the part of The Management :eek:

26th Aug 2001, 19:04
is the weather gonna affect this test? Its raining there now :eek:

I guess, the weather could make this a draw, i hope..

27th Aug 2001, 02:28
I guess they play the test matches to make money out of bets, i guess millions of pounds are put on England winning the tests!!

When will the old Gits learn...

28th Aug 2001, 16:54
Well Guys,.....an innings and 25 runs. Seems we finished the series the same way we started it. Wonder why Stewart didn't whinge about his dismissal in the second dig like he did in the first. It was a great ball. Warne may have a flawed character but geez he can still tweak 'em. Not bad for the second best leggie in Oz.
There's always next time for all you poms