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tony draper
30th Mar 2002, 14:31
Is the history of the world only explainable in terms of the ages-old conflict between competing secret societies? Is there an Inner Circle of supermen, a hidden elite, that is the mastermind of the global revolution? Here you will discover the incredible facts about the Order of Skull and Bones, the mysterious Bilderbergers, the deep forest cult of the Bohemian Grove politicians, the conspiratorial connection of Britain’s Prince Charles and the black nobility of Europe, the ancient doctrine of Masonry, and the Priory of Zion, the sect where leaders claim to be the actual bloodline of Jesus. Do black helicopters exist?; are UFOs a conspiracy?; is there a plan for a Fourth Reich? Who will be the world’s last dictator? Scroll down to discover the astonishing facts <img border="0" title="" alt="[Eek!]" src="eek.gif" /> <img border="0" title="" alt="[Eek!]" src="eek.gif" />

Bally Heck
30th Mar 2002, 14:35
Tried scrolling down Tony. Was astonished to find that As these are anonymous forums the origins of the contributions may be opposite to what may be apparent. In fact the press may use it, or the unscrupulous, to elicit certain reactions.

Notso Fantastic
30th Mar 2002, 15:07
Tony (may I call you Tone?).....sit down- let me make you a virtual cup of tea!

31st Mar 2002, 11:56
That sounds a great idea Mr NotSo......

...Earl Grey... in a china cup for me please!!! :)

PS:Hope 'Earl Grey' don't fly black heckiloppters!!! :eek:

31st Mar 2002, 13:29
exposed at last!
moving to Newcastle and eating black puddings will not disguise you any longer Lord Lucan, or shall I call you Tony?

ps can I be one of the last dictators please?

frustrated of surrey

31st Mar 2002, 17:04
Mr D your faithful hound has been leading you past the Cat and Fiddle again. You really must resist the pull and gentle shhhhh... as the pump handle is eased expertly back and the foaming amber necter is lovingly caught in the dimpled glass. :) :)

He'll be telling us he saw a little green man in a bright blue thingy out on the common next. Oh... I forgot he has told us that one already.

Hot 'n' High
31st Mar 2002, 19:59
Paterbrat - my concern, given the location of Young Tony up there in the frozen wastes is that he could be suffering from hallucinations brought on by other “substances”. :eek:

His “rant” is particularly worrying ……… he’s far too close to the truth on all counts! This could end the Revolution before it really gets under way.

Blast, foiled again!:mad: :mad: :mad:

1st Apr 2002, 00:25
Too much shunting in Newcastle railway yards again Mr D? Try a Valium and hot milk... that should help you sleep!:D

Feeton Terrafirma
1st Apr 2002, 04:04
I have to say Tony that you are totally wrong. Totally

There are no secret societies as you suggest, (particularly none linked to the Terrafirma clan) which have anything to do with world domination, rule, control, power or anything. Any suggestion like that is absurd and unfounded. You must have been sinking a few to many me thinks.

Folks, I strongly suggest that you pay no attention to Mr Draper who is apparently suffering delusions, and is basing these acusations on nothung more than his own dreams of power through posting on PPRuNe.


429 CJ
1st Apr 2002, 04:08
nothung !! .... That's the secret call to arms for the masses. Right chaps, this way.....

1st Apr 2002, 07:09
The boat of Osiris that has sailed to the stars of the outer galaxies has returned. Anubis the dogheaded one is returned. He resides now in the North and has chosen his mouthpiece. This man who shall be led by a small image of myself shall preach the word. he shall speak in riddles and shall be scorned by all the unbelievers. But be warned he speaks of what is and must be. Take heed to the Draper for he is the prophet of doom. His predictions will be dire, pubs will rise or fall on his pronouncements on the refreshments they serve. His symbol of my authority leads him hither and thither amongst green places, seeking a place for the fertilisation process to begin. His words will seem strange to the scornfull ones, but take note. If he shall speak in a wild and strange manner it is in my name and mine is the word he spreads. Actualy Black Dog Beer is a quality ale brewed to the highest standards, we think you will like it. Listen to one who is a connesieur, our very own Mr D. Ta Taaaaaaa!!!!;) ;)

Moritz Suter
1st Apr 2002, 22:43
I see that life in the desert agrees with you, Mr. Paterbrat.


2nd Apr 2002, 21:06
It is true that both climate and location here are conducive to the cultivation and consumption of a byproduct of sacchromyces. :p :p
I also believe the 'Le Cafard' is an affliction suffered by denizens who venture out without their kepi's on in the midday in addition to the canine species who are suffering from the fear of water and looking for someone to bite.
The trick is to determine which is my problem. I have given up trying to work out which it is but you no doubt can enlighten.:)

3rd Apr 2002, 10:48
Curses, the Draping one blew the gaff too soon.....

..and I would have got away with it too, if it hadn't have been for you meddling kids....:D


3rd Apr 2002, 16:03
I thought that it was the Anubis talisman attached to the bald prophet's wrist pissing on the start mechanism that caused the saucer to return to the parking position on the outer rim of Io.
If that wasn't a bad omen for the mission then I'm a hornswoggling six root Contrentian Bapsomentoratis.
Besides what do we do for coupling partners down here for the next melenium until the saucer comes back for us?

Standard Noise
3rd Apr 2002, 16:17
Mr D, you should read "The Secret Hunters" by Ranulph Fiennes. Apparently it's part fact, part fiction, but espouses the notion of a secret Nazi society alive and well in Europe and the US which has infiltrated all walks of life and is funded in part by a well known German pharmaceutical company. The society is said to be using groups like Combat 18 as a distraction while it takes over the world and creates the Fourth Reich, completely unnoticed.
It also includes a bit of the "Black Nobility" theory.

Of course it could be complete drivel, but it is a damn interesting read nonetheless.