View Full Version : RAF Abingdon photos please!

Neil Porter
30th Nov 2003, 05:48
As part of our continuing effort to expand the memorabilia on RAF Abingdon through its history, i have been asking for people to e-mail me through in JPEG form copies of any photos from there private collections of past happenings at Abingdon, be it the BBMF Lancaster which went through a major overhaul in F Shed in 84, any BofB shows, Special occasions, Parades through Abingdon town , Beverely era, Ferry Flight of early 1950's, 1 PTS etc - can be Black & White or Colour photos....

We will be going to selected localised Fetes & Shows (& maybe not so local!!) throughout 2004 onwards to help promote the "Abingdon Fayre" mini Airshow / Country Fayre charity events we do each May, but we have also made a RAF Abingdon PR Stand too which is being greatly appreciated.. but will be revamped due to increasing number of pics!

I have for example recieved recently some pics taken in late 1940's of a USAF C119 "packet" twin engined, twin boomed transport in formation with an RAF Dakota para dropping over the airfield & one of a C119 & Horsa glider in tow!!!
Fascinating stuff.

Please if anyone does send pics through, to put who's copyright on it and can be sent to me by early Jan 2004, so to see what we have to print off and put on the stand.
E-mail it through to : [email protected]
or contact me via that e-mail to let me know what you can offer.

Many thanks
Neil P